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As a Perma distributor, we are happy to provide our customers with helpful information on correctly using perma STAR VARIO products. Sometimes, if they have a safe, effective, and long-term lubricator, the question is solved. The problems are coming during the operation when it is found out that the installation is not done correctly. That is why it is essential to read a user manual to know the common principles of product installation. 

First of all, it is vital to choose the proper lubricant suitable for your equipment, as the unsuitable one will cause premature bearing wear. And the wearing of bearings causes unwanted downtimes and other issues during the operation. 

The following essential factor is to clean the lubrication points before mounting the lubricators. Avoid getting any contamination from liquids and dirt particles into the bearing. Contamination due to water and solids speeds up wear and shortens bearing service life.

Before installation, write down the lubricator's activation and expected replacement date. If there are any grease fittings on the bearing, remove them. Replace the fitting with a suitable adapter and use a custom sealant. For horizontal mounting or in case of strong vibrations at the lube point, a perma support flange is recommended. Take a grease gun and pre-fill the lubrication point, any grease lines, and all adapters with the same grease that is contained in the lubricator. Remove the black outlet plug from the lubricator and screw the activated lubrication system into the lubrication point. 



perma STAR VARIO operates fully automatically, independent of temperature, and very precisely. The desired discharge period and LC size can easily be selected with the push button and are immediately visible on display. The current operating status is indicated on display and via all-around LED signal lights (red/green), visible from a distance. The activation process of the perma STAR VARIO lubrication system is described in the picture below.

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Vladimir Harutyunyan

Vladimir Harutyunyan is the founder of HVH Industrial ...

Feel free to connect with Vlad on Linkedin: