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Bonfiglioli is a family-run Italian company focused on 3 main business units, such as Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries, Mobility & Wind Industries and Mechatronic & Motion Systems. For over 60 years Bonfiglioli is a leader in design, production and distribution of a wide range of gearmotors, planetary gearboxes, servomotors, AC, DC electric motors, inverters, drive systems and more. 

Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries 

This business unit offers speed reducers, geared motors and electric motors for any industrial applications. From fractional power to a few hundred Kw, Bonfiglioli experts are able to address the most sophisticated requests for applications working in all conditions.

Mechatronic & Motion Systems

With complete solutions dedicated to industrial processes and automation, the Mechatronic & Motion Systems business unit guarantees the improvement of its customers’profitability by offering integrated systems comprising precision planetary gearboxes, servomotors, open and closed loop inverters, servo inverters, motion controllers and regenerative inverters. 

Mobility & Wind Industries

The Mobility & Wind Industries business unit offers the widest range of final drives available on the market today. Its portfolio includes typical products such as travel, slew, winch and cutter drives customizable for any requirement. Through a thorough line of specific products, the business unit also offers both hybrid transmissions and electric drives for electric machines, complete with power electronics and system integration.

At HVH, we work closely with the Bonfiglioli engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.


Bonfiglioli Literature:

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Yaw and Pitch-Drives


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