HVH Industrial Solutions is a value-adding supplier of Eich Rollenlager

Eich manufactures different roller bearings such as ABC-Roller bearing, spring bushing roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearings, split roller bearings, SACRB roller bearings, and more. Eich has been manufacturing individual roller bearings with cylindric roller elements for more than 75 years. The characteristics of the Eich roller elements are extreme heat resistance, high impact loads, dirt resistance, and low installation height.


The ABC bearing with the so-called anti-blocking cage is a unique form of spring bushing compared to the solid roller cages that have been used up to now.

Spring bushing bearings

These unique roller bearing designs form the original brand essence of the Eich company and have been manufactured since the founding days of the Eich.

SACRB rolling bearings

The SACRB bearing is a rolling bearing with the highest static load-bearing capacities and angular adjustment without being forced. This is an adjustable roller bearing.

Eich Rollenlager Catalog 

At HVH Industrial, we work closely with the Eich engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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