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Eich manufactures different roller bearings such as ABC-Roller bearings, spring bushing roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, split roller bearings, SACRB roller bearings, and more. Eich has been manufacturing individual roller bearings with cylindric roller elements for more than 75 years. The characteristics of the Eich roller elements are extreme heat resistance, high impact loads, dirt resistance, and low installation height.


The ABC bearing with the so-called anti-blocking cage is a unique form of spring bushing compared to the solid roller cages that have been used up to now.

Spring bushing bearings

These unique roller-bearing designs form the original brand essence of the Eich company and have been manufactured since the founding days of the Eich.

SACRB rolling bearings

The SACRB bearing is a rolling bearing with the highest static load-bearing capacities and angular adjustment without being forced. This is an adjustable roller bearing.

Eich Rollenlager Catalog 

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With a rich history spanning over eight decades, Eich has built a strong reputation for delivering roller bearings of exceptional quality. The company's expertise and dedication to meeting customer needs have earned them the trust of industries worldwide. 

About Eich

The establishment of Maschinenfabrik Joseph Eich KG took place in Hattingen in 1939, during the booming years in the mining and steel sectors. Initially, the company consisted of 15 employees who embarked on the ambitious endeavor of developing and manufacturing a novel type of bearing that had not been seen before in Germany: the spring roller bearing. Notably, this innovation entailed the creation of both the internal and external rings for this particular bearing, referred to as the internal and external spring bushings.

Through its specialized expertise, the company swiftly established itself as a prominent supplier, dedicating its efforts to catering specifically to the expanding steel and heavy industries during the 1940s and 1950s. Presently, Eich enjoys international acclaim as a renowned provider and manufacturer of roller bearings, and anti-friction bearings, and as a trusted partner for customized solutions.

Types of Eich Roller Bearings

Eich offers a comprehensive range of roller bearings to cater to diverse industry requirements. Their product lineup includes:

ABC-Roller Bearings

Eich's optimized new generation of ABC bearings offers unique features that make it stand out. The introduction of a modular system allows these bearings to effectively absorb emerging torsional forces and reduce peak loads, while simultaneously increasing the load rating. Compared to other bearings, Eich's ABC bearings achieve higher and more efficient distribution of rolling elements within the same space.

Moreover, Eich's ABC bearings demonstrate exceptional heat resistance, enabling their usage in high operating temperature environments. They also possess a low sensitivity to dirt, thanks to the winding of the spring, which is a feature shared with other spring sleeve bearings. The innovative design of the ABC bearings enables the realization of various heights and diameters, making them suitable for both large-scale and small-scale applications.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Eich offers different types of cylindrical roller bearings such as thrust bearings, radial bearings, and customized cylindrical roller bearings. Thrust bearings are typically utilized for handling axial loads only. They consist of a shaft-locating washer, a cage with roller elements, and a housing-locating washer, forming a unidirectional thrust bearing. In cases where axial forces need to be absorbed from both sides, the bearing configuration changes to include two shaft-locating washers, two cages with rolling elements, and one housing-locating washer, known as a bidirectional thrust bearing. 

On the other hand, radial bearings are designed to transmit high axial forces and provide stability in applications requiring heavy loads. These bearings comprise an inner ring, one or more sets of roller elements (either full complement or with a cage), and an outer ring. Moreover, Eich Rollenlager offers customized cylindrical roller bearings that excel in challenging conditions. Eich Rollenlager collaborates closely with clients to tailor bearings to their specific requirements. 

Split Bearings

Split bearings are a specialized type of bearings that are specifically designed for particular applications, such as cranked drive shafts, long drive shafts, or hard-to-reach locations. They are available in various forms including floating bearings, fixed bearings, supporting bearings, and guiding bearings. These bearings are structured similarly to unsplit bearings, consisting of an inner ring, roller element set, and outer ring, but with axial divisions. Clamping rings are used to secure the bearing, typically clamping the inner ring onto a shaft. The outer ring is usually gap-free and secured by the housing bore. Another option is the split housing bearing unit, which includes both a split bearing and a split housing. These housings come in different variations, including those with integrated water cooling, and can be reused due to their low attrition

SACRB Roller Bearings

Eich's SACRB (Self-Aligning Cylindrical Roller Bearing) technology allows for misalignment compensation, reducing stress on the bearing and extending its lifespan. The SACRB bearing, whether floating or fixed, offers several advantageous properties such as high load capacity, angular adjustment, and easy axial shifting. It is an adjustable roller bearing that consists of an inner ring, a set of rollers (usually full complement or with a cage), a spherical outer ring, and the adjusting ring, known as the calotte. 

The spherical outer ring within the calotte compensates for any misalignment of the bearing seats, ensuring that the roller bearing remains fully functional and capable of handling loads in any position. The floating bearing variant has a smooth inner ring, allowing for easy axial movement of the rolling elements. This design enables force-free axial displacement, such as due to thermal expansion, even when the bearing is tilted. The fixed bearing, on the other hand, features a fixed board on the inner ring and a lateral thrust ring or a smooth inner ring without ribs, accompanied by two lateral pressure rings to transmit axial forces


Eich roller bearings, with their decades-long legacy of manufacturing excellence, provide high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications. The company's commitment to innovation, exceptional features, and customer-centric approach makes them a reliable choice for industries worldwide. Whether it's automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, or industrial equipment, Eich roller bearings offer exceptional performance, durability, and customization capabilities to meet the unique needs of each application