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HIWIN is a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control components and systems such as linear guideways, ball screws, ball splines, linear motors, crossed roller bearings, rotary tables, profiled rails, and single-axis stages that utilize a combination of a motor-driven ball screw or belt and linear guideway system.

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Hiwin is a globally renowned company at the forefront of motion control technology. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, HIWIN has established itself as a trusted provider of precision motion components and systems.

About Hiwin

Hiwin was founded in 1989 by Eric Y. T. Chuo in Taichung, Taiwan with a vision to create a leading manufacturing company specializing in precision machinery components. Hiwin initially focused on producing linear motion products, such as linear guideways and ball screws, which quickly gained popularity due to their exceptional performance and reliability. Hiwin's commitment to research and development laid the foundation for its future success, enabling the company to meet evolving market demands.

In the late 1990s, Hiwin recognized the growing importance of automation and made a strategic move to diversify its product portfolio. Through strategic investments in research and development, the company introduced innovative solutions that revolutionized various industries' automation processes. Hiwin's commitment to excellence soon earned them a reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality products and cutting-edge technology.

As Hiwin's reputation for excellence spread, the company expanded its operations beyond Taiwan. It established manufacturing facilities and sales offices in various countries, including China, Germany, Japan, the United States, and many others. This global presence enabled Hiwin to better serve its international customers and strengthen its position in the global market.

Hiwin Products

Linear Motion Products

Hiwin's linear motion products are at the forefront of precision motion control. These products are designed to enable smooth and accurate linear movement in a wide range of applications. Here are some key offerings within this category:

Linear Guideways

Hiwin's linear guideways provide robust and reliable linear motion solutions. They are engineered to minimize friction, ensuring smooth and precise movement along the axis. With options for different load capacities and configurations, Hiwin's linear guideways can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Linear Motors

Hiwin linear motors are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability. Engineered with precision and utilizing direct drive technology, these motors offer numerous advantages over traditional mechanical transmission systems. With their high-speed capabilities, outstanding positioning accuracy, and smooth operation, Hiwin linear motors are the ideal choice for applications requiring rapid and precise motion control. 

Linear Actuators

Hiwin's linear actuators combine precision and power to deliver linear motion in applications that require controlled movement. These actuators offer a compact and versatile solution for automation. Whether it's in industrial machinery, medical equipment, or robotics, Hiwin's linear actuators provide reliable and precise motion control.

Precision Machinery Components and Servo Motors

Hiwin also specializes in precision machinery components that are essential for various automation systems. These components are designed with utmost accuracy and durability to ensure optimal performance. Here are some notable offerings:

Ball Screws

Ballscrews play a critical role in converting rotary motion into linear motion. Hiwin's ball screws are engineered with precision-ground threads and high-quality ball bearings, resulting in smooth and efficient movement. They offer high load capacity, low friction, and excellent positioning accuracy.

Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed roller bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads simultaneously, making them ideal for applications that require high stiffness and precision. Hiwin's crossed roller bearings provide exceptional rotational accuracy and rigidity, ensuring smooth and stable operation.


Encoders are essential for accurate position sensing in motion control systems. Hiwin's encoders offer high-resolution measurement and reliable feedback, enabling precise control and monitoring of linear movement. They are widely used in CNC machines, metrology equipment, and other high-precision applications.

Servo Motors

Hiwin servo motors are designed for applications that require precise control of position, velocity, and acceleration. Hiwin servo motors are known for their excellent performance characteristics, including high torque density, low inertia, and fast response times. They offer smooth operation, high accuracy, and repeatability, making them suitable for demanding applications that require precise motion control.

Industrial Robots

Hiwin's product portfolio extends to industrial robots, which play a vital role in automating various processes across industries. These robots are designed to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and enable seamless integration within existing production systems. Here are some of Hiwin's industrial robot offerings:

SCARA Robots

SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) robots are widely used in assembly and pick-and-place operations. Hiwin's SCARA robots combine speed, precision, and flexibility, making them suitable for applications that require fast and accurate repetitive tasks.

Cartesian Robots

Cartesian robots, also known as gantry robots, are characterized by their three linear axes of motion. Hiwin's Cartesian robots are designed for applications that require high payload capacities and precise positioning. They are widely used in industries such as packaging, material handling, and automotive assembly.


In conclusion, Hiwin's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has positioned the company as a leading force in motion control technology. With its diverse range of products and global presence, Hiwin continues to drive advancements in precision motion components and systems, empowering industries worldwide with reliable and high-performance solutions.