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Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering became a leading manufacturer of Vibration Solutions, Belt Cleaning, Transfer Points, Air Cannons, Dust Management & Containment, Railcar Unloading, and Safety Solutions. Their 75 years of experience allow them to provide cleaner, safer, and more productive operations.

Martin vibration solutions include electric vibrators, hydraulic, piston, ball, turbine, screen, roller, portable pneumatic, and other types of vibrators. The most typical applications include conveying or feeding, screening, draining, dewatering, product sizing, compaction, testing of components, as well as bin, hopper, and chute evacuation.

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Martin Engineering is a leading provider of solutions for conveyor systems. Founded in 1944, the company has over 75 years of experience in the field and has established a reputation for excellence in quality, reliability, and innovation. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to sustainability, Martin Engineering is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the conveyor industry.

History of Martin Engineering

Martin Engineering was founded by Edwin F. Peterson in 1944. The company began as a small machine shop in Neponset, Illinois, with only a handful of employees. However, Peterson's vision was to create a company that would provide innovative solutions for the conveyor industry. He believed that by focusing on customer needs and developing new technologies, Martin Engineering could become a leader in the industry.

In 1944, Edwin F. Peterson invented the Vibrolator Vibrator. This revolutionary product became the foundation for the company's commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation in bulk material handling. The Vibrolator Vibrator was a breakthrough invention that utilized compressed air to power a single moving part - a chrome ball that raced through a steel-enclosed circular track. This simple yet impactful concept was designed to improve the productivity of companies involved in the handling of bulk materials. 

Martin Engineering Products

Martin Engineering is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for bulk material handling. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, the company offers a wide range of products and services to improve the performance of conveyor systems and other material handling equipment.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Martin Engineering's conveyor belt cleaners are designed to remove unwanted material from the conveyor belt surface, preventing carryback and improving the efficiency of the conveyor system. The company offers a variety of belt-cleaning solutions for different types of conveyor belts and applications, including primary and secondary cleaners, specialty belt cleaners, and replacement blades.

Conveyor Transfer Point Solutions

The transfer point is where the material is transferred from one conveyor belt to another or from a conveyor to a storage system. Martin Engineering offers a range of transfer point solutions to reduce spillage, dust emissions, and wear and tear on equipment. These solutions include belt alignment, belt sealing systems, and tail protection.

Bulk Material Flow Aids

Martin Engineering's bulk material flow aids are designed to improve the flow of bulk materials through the conveyor system. These solutions include air cannons, Smart Series nozzles, and flow aid accessories that help to dislodge material from the conveyor belt and keep it moving smoothly.

Industrial Vibration Solutions

For many years, the necessity to store material in bulk has created a problem - how to get it out of the storage vessel. Typical problems include bridging, ratholing, clinging, and arching. Martin Engineering manufactures vibrators to prevent bin and hopper flow problems such as electric vibrators, hydraulic vibrators, piston vibrators, and many more.

Dust Management & Containment

Dust emissions from industrial processes can have a negative impact on worker health, the environment, and equipment performance. Martin Engineering offers a range of dust management and containment solutions, including dust filtration systems, dust containment systems, and more.

Railcar Unloading

Unloading bulk material from railcars can be a difficult and dangerous process. Martin Engineering offers a range of railcar unloading solutions, including railcar connectors, railcar openers, and railcar vibrators, to improve the efficiency and safety of this process.

Conveyor Belt Safety Solutions

Safety is a top priority in industrial settings, and Martin Engineering offers a range of conveyor belt safety solutions to prevent accidents and injuries. These solutions include conveyor belt safety systems, dust management safety systems, material flow safety systems, and more.


In summary, Martin Engineering offers a comprehensive range of products and services to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility of bulk material handling systems. From conveyor belt cleaners to dust management solutions, the company's innovative products and services can help to improve the performance of industrial equipment and protect the health and safety of workers and the environment.