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Motovario is a leading manufacturer of gear reducers: helical, bevel, parallel, shaft mounted and worm, gearmotors, speed variations, electric motors, and drives

Established in 1965 in the town of Formigine, at the heart of the Modena industrial district, Motovario has grown to become an industry leader in various styles of speed reducers, gear motors, AC motors, variators (mechanically adjustable drives), and most recently, both motor mounted and cabinet mounted frequency inverters.

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Motovario, a renowned global manufacturer, specializes in providing high-quality gearboxes, electric motors, and frequency inverters for various industrial applications. With a rich history of excellence and a commitment to innovation, Motovario has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient power transmission solutions.

Founding of Motovario

Motovario was founded in Italy in 1965 by Mr. Giancarlo Raguzzoni. It started as a small company producing gearboxes for agricultural machinery.

Over the years, Motovario expanded its product portfolio and focused on delivering high-quality gearboxes. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction fueled its growth, leading to increased global recognition.

Motovario's international presence spans over 70 countries, with a network of subsidiaries, sales offices, and authorized dealers. These strategic partnerships have enabled Motovario to cater to diverse customer requirements and provide localized support.

Motovario Product Range

Motovario offers a comprehensive range of power transmission and motion control solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries. Their products are designed to optimize performance, increase productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

Motovario Gear Reducers

Motovario offers a comprehensive range of gear reducers, including helical, worm, bevel, and planetary gear units. Each type serves specific purposes and caters to different operational requirements. Helical gear reducers are known for their high efficiency and smooth operation, making them suitable for applications demanding precision and reliability. Worm gear reducers, on the other hand, excel in compact designs and provide high torque with low speed capabilities.

Bevel gear reducers find utility in applications where the power transmission requires changes in the direction of rotation. Lastly, planetary gear units are ideal for applications that require high torque and compact size. By providing diverse options, Motovario ensures that customers can choose the gear reducer that best suits their unique needs.

Motovario Gear Motors

Motovario gear motors find applications in a wide array of industries, such as food and beverage, packaging, material handling, and automation. They are commonly used in conveyor systems, mixers, agitators, and other machinery that require controlled and efficient power transmission. The versatility of Motovario gear motors makes them suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

Motovario gear motors offer several advantages over traditional motor-gearbox combinations. They integrate the motor and gearbox into a compact unit, reducing the overall footprint and simplifying installation. These gear motors provide precise speed control, high efficiency, and low noise operation. With Motovario gear motors, industrial processes can achieve optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Motovario Electric Motors

Motovario electric motors are designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance in various industrial applications. These motors are available in different power ratings, voltages, and configurations to suit specific requirements. They incorporate advanced features such as high starting torque, low vibration, and robust construction, ensuring long-term reliability and smooth operation.

Motovario electric motors offer numerous benefits to industrial users. They provide high power density, allowing for compact designs and space optimization. These motors are energy-efficient, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. With their exceptional performance and durability, Motovario electric motors ensure uninterrupted operation in demanding industrial environments.

Motovario Motor Drives

Motor drives play a crucial role in controlling the speed, torque, and direction of electric motors. They enable precise motor control, allowing for efficient operation and optimization of industrial processes. Motovario motor drives are designed to complement their electric motors and gear reducers, offering a comprehensive power transmission solution. These drives provide flexibility, reliability, and advanced control features, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Motovario motor drives offer significant advantages to industrial users. They enable variable speed control, allowing for precise adjustments based on the specific requirements of the application. These drives enhance energy efficiency, reduce wear and tear on mechanical components, and extend the lifespan of the entire power transmission system. With Motovario motor drives, industries can achieve higher productivity, lower operating costs, and improved overall system performance.


Motovario's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability has positioned the company as a leader in the power transmission industry. Their diverse product range, global presence, and customer-centric approach make them a preferred choice for businesses across various sectors. With Motovario, customers can expect reliable and efficient power transmission solutions that drive their success.