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Founded in 1939, Nippon Bearing has grown into an international leader in linear motion technology.

NB Corporation is an industry leader in linear motion products. NB offers high-quality linear guides, ball splines, cross-roller linear slide guides and tables, linear ball bushings, actuators, linear stages, shafts, spindles, slide screws, etc.

At HVH, we work closely with the NB engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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Nippon Bearing, a prominent company in the field of manufacturing bearings and linear motion systems, has a rich history that spans several decades.

About Nippon Bearing

The origins of Nippon Bearing can be traced back to April 1939 when Yamazaki Iron Works was established in Suehiro-cho, Ojiya city. Initially, the company focused on the production of mold producing machines in collaboration with Tsugami Co., Ltd. As the years passed, Yamazaki Iron Works underwent significant transformations, including a change in its name to Yamazaki Seiki in March 1959 and subsequently to Yamazaki Seiki Co., Ltd. in May of the same year.

In 1960, Nippon Bearing achieved a significant milestone with the development of the Slide Bush, a breakthrough product that revolutionized the linear motion industry. This achievement marked a turning point in the company's trajectory. Recognizing the growing importance of its innovative products, Yamazaki Seiki Co., Ltd. changed its name to Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. in July 1963, solidifying its position as a leading manufacturer in the field.

Over the years, Nippon Bearing expanded its operations and established a strong global presence. In October 1970, the company completed the construction of two new factories, which encompassed a total area of 2,700 square meters, and added an administration office to its existing property in Niigata. 

Nippon Bearing's global expansion continued with the establishment of the NB Corporation of America in Illinois in June 1987, followed by the establishment of NB Europe B.V. in the Netherlands in November 2002. These strategic moves allowed the company to better serve its international customers and strengthen its foothold in key markets. To support its growing operations, Nippon Bearing expanded its headquarters with a five-story office building in November 2000 and added a new factory spanning 5,800 square meters in October 2001.
With a continued emphasis on growth and expansion, Nippon Bearing expanded its operations with the establishment of Nippon Bearing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in December 2015 and NIPPON BEARING KIRYU CO., LTD. in July 2020. These strategic moves allowed the company to extend its reach and provide its high-quality products and services to a broader customer base.

Nippon Bearing Products

EXRAIL / Needle Roller Guides

The EXRAIL series represents a new generation of linear guides utilizing needle rollers as rolling elements. Renowned for their exceptional rigidity, motion accuracy, and damping performance, these guides find extensive use in heavy-duty and precision drive applications, including precision machine tools. With the use of needle rollers, they offer enhanced performance in demanding environments.

NB Slide Guides / Linear Guides

The NB Slide Guide or Linear Guides are designed for high-precision and high-rigidity linear motion. These bearings employ rolling elements to achieve smooth motion, even under heavy loads. With advantages such as low friction coefficient and resistance to stick-slip, they cater to a wide range of applications, from general industrial machinery to ultra-precision machinery. These guides maintain efficiency and functionality over prolonged periods.

NB Ball Splines, NB Ball Screw Splines / Ball Splines

The NB Ball Spline mechanism allows simultaneous application of radial load and torque by utilizing steel balls rolling on a grooved surface. In addition to radial motion, the rotary ball spline enables linear and rotational motion, making it ideal for SCARA-type robots, assembly machines, loaders, and other applications where combined motion is required.

NB Slide Bush / Linear Bushing

Linear bushings play a vital role in providing low-friction linear motion through a simple mechanism. These bushings are widely utilized across various industries, serving as the standard linear motion parts preferred by numerous customers. To meet diverse needs, NB offers a range of linear bushing series, including stroke bushings and slide rotary bushings that combine rotational motion with linear motion.

NB Top Ball / High Load Linear Bushing

NB Top Ball represents a high-load linear bushing employing a linear motion mechanism based on ball elements' rotational motion. This self-aligning bushing finds applications in FA equipment, machine tools, electrical equipment, optical equipment, and measuring instruments, catering to high-load requirements with precision.

NB Stroke Bush / NB Slide Rotary BUSH

NB Stroke Bushings and Slide Rotary Bushings offer not only linear motion but also the ability to combine linear and rotational motion. With a wide range of variations available, these products adapt to diverse usage conditions, providing flexibility and versatility.

NB Shafts

NB Shaft is a round linear shaft that works in conjunction with linear bushings. These high-quality linear shafts are manufactured using advanced machining and hardening technologies, ensuring superior performance and durability.


NB Slideways are cross-roller guides featuring precision rollers and non-circulating linear motion. With minimal friction coefficient and high precision, they excel as cutting-edge components in mechatronics. The product range includes cross-roller guides integrated between the table and bed, as well as gonioways with standardized cross-roller guides in a curved shape.

NB Actuators / Linear Stages

The NB Actuator combines a U-shaped linear guide rail with a linear guide block, functioning as both a linear guide block and a ball screw nut. This innovative design significantly reduces space requirements compared to conventional linear stages, offering efficient and compact solutions for various applications.

NB PositioningTables

The NB Positioning Table is a versatile precision positioning table equipped with a pulse motor drive system for high-speed and high-precision positioning. Utilizing the NB Slide Way, Slide Unit, and Slide Guide as guides, coupled with precision ball screws for transmission, these tables ensure stable accuracy across a wide range of speeds and applications. Customization options are available to meet specific space, equipment, and specification requirements.

NB Slide Screws

The NB Slide Screw represents a unique drive unit that converts rotational motion into linear motion effectively. By leveraging the friction between the radial ball bearing and the shaft, it provides a simple mechanism for easy maintenance and installation. While accurate positioning may pose challenges, the NB Slide Screw finds applications in conveying sections of various equipment types due to its inherent characteristics.

Today, Nippon Bearing stands as a globally recognized leader in the field of bearings and linear motion systems, with a rich history of innovation, excellence, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company's journey from its humble beginnings as Yamazaki Iron Works to its present-day stature as Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. showcases.