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HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of Adaptix Soft Jaws

The Adaptix Soft Jaw developed by Norgren Workholding is a cutting-edge new technology that is transforming the way you hold and grip parts in your milling machine. It is an adjustable vise jaw that adapts to any part geometry made of aluminum or steel.

The fixture is designed with multiple adjustable fingers that are positioned and locked in place, providing a rigid work hold. Adaptix adjustable jaws will work on various vise brands. The unique housings of the soft jaws ensure a tightly coupled system. 

At HVH, we work closely with the Norgren Workholding engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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Norgren Workholding Products


Norgren, part of IMI plc, is a leading household name in the work-holding industry with nearly 160 years of experience in manufacturing millions of parts yearly.

Norgren's products are designed to improve equipment speeds, reliability, productivity, and efficiency and reduce energy and cost expenses. The first soft jaw was introduced by Nogren Work-holding was in 1921.

The latest innovative product manufactured by Norgren is the Adaptix soft jaw, which changed the soft jaw technique and the need to have jaws in general. The Adaptix soft jaw is designed to have high clamping force, repeatability, and toughness. While the fingers are designed to adjust to each part's shape to offer extra flexibility, simplifying the milling process and saving time.



The jaw adjusts to any part shape and provides forces to hold the workpiece in place with minimal marring. Also, the finger design allows the fingers to adapt to unique part shapes giving ultimate flexibility, saving time and money, and simplifying the process overall.

Adaptix Soft Jaw advantages:

  • Instant Setup: Configure in minutes and reset in seconds.

  • Durable Construction: Withstands harsh conditions.

  • Field Repairable: Easily replace the fingers and tips on your own.

  • Eliminate Storage: Gone is the need for soft jaw or fixture storage

  • Vise Compatibility: Adaptix™ Soft Jaw is built to fit into Kurt, Schunk, 5th Axis, and many other vices.

  • Interchangeable Pin Tips: Select the ideal pin tip material, step profile, and shape based on what’s being gripped.


How to Use the Adaptix Soft Jaw