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HVH Industrial Solutions is a trusted source for industrial automation products. We are an authorized distributor for many industry leading manufacturers.

Whether it is a replacement of a motor, drive or sensor, or a design of a new electrical drive system, we can help you to find the right parts for your equipment.

Our product offering includes a complete line of AC and DC electric motors, AC & DC adjustable speed drives, sensors, controls, brakes, clutches, regulators, relays and encoders to help you achieve long-term energy cost savings and reliability.

HVH Industrial works with the specialized engineering teams of manufacturers to meet the requirements and highest quality standards of our customers. 

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Automation of all stages of production is a necessary and basic condition for the development of the modern industry. Actively started in the last century, this process allows the most efficient use of available economic resources: equipment, labor, raw materials, capital investments, and energy. In addition, automation makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of production, improve its quality and maximize the life and reliability of equipment and technical structures. Our company is an industrial automation distributor, so you can order various types of industrial automation systems from us at competitive prices.

Types of industrial automation

Industrial automation involves the active introduction of new technologies into the production process and allows all control and management functions to be performed using automatic systems and instruments. There are four types of industrial automation:

1. Fixed automation

Fixed automation is the simplest type of automation. The sequence of operations in this type of automation is fixed, that is, the transition from one type of product to another is impossible in this case. This type provides high performance, but there are also disadvantages, such as high initial investment. Fixed automation is suitable for high-volume production. That is why this automation is used in mass production.

2. Programmable automation

Programmable automation allows operators to adapt and reorder the entire production process to accommodate deviations in the finished product, such as color changes in children's toys. Programmable automation is, as a rule, numerically controlled machines that operate under the control of computer programs and are used to produce various batches of goods with any type of deviation.

3. Flexible Automation

Flexible automation - automation of manufacturing processes for products of a rapidly changing range in small or medium batches, which are characterized by the combination of modules based on a computer. This type of automation can be characterized as follows: the use of equipment for automatic transportation and warehousing, quality control using a computer, and efficient production management. Flexible automation is rightfully considered the core of the innovation economy.

4. Complex automation

Complex automation, which involves the operation of production sites as a single automatic complex, is expedient with high technological support and the use of industrial automation systems. With such an organization of production, a person exercises only general management, controlling the operation of automatic systems.

What does industrial automation mean?

Let's try to explain the meaning of industrial automation as simple as possible. Industrial automation is the automation of technological processes by available tools. These tools include electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic devices that are used in industrial automation.

Industrial automation includes devices, mechanisms, and equipment designed to automate a variety of production and technological processes within various industrial productions.

Industrial automation is used to organize automatic control systems. These types of devices are in demand in all industries.

Working on the basis of industrial automation allows you to guarantee the high safety of work processes, and also significantly expands the possibilities of using various production equipment. Industrial automation is most in demand for:

  • automation of production lines, workplaces, etc.;
  • organizing the work of various industrial robots and robotic processes;
  • providing processes based on CNC machines;
  • providing unified information and computing system for the operation of the enterprise, including product quality control systems and much more.

Block diagram of industrial automation system

Below you can see the simple block diagram of industrial automation. This diagram will help you better understand industrial automation.

block diagram of industrial automation

Distribution company for industrial automation

HVH Industrial Solutions is a distributor of industrial automation systems. Today, automation is essential in all areas of industry. This circumstance allows developers and manufacturers of technological innovations to supply the market with more and more new devices and materials. There are more and more companies whose main activity is automation and industrial fittings. Such companies are engaged in the production and marketing of technological equipment, drive technology, electronics, fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, as well as direct components of control and management systems, sensors, controllers, automated production lines, and robotics.

Industrial Automation Distributor

Industrial automation bureaus are engaged in the development and implementation of modern technologies. The creation of the latest automatic devices, control and measuring systems, technotronic modules - all this is the prerogative of such institutions.

Advantages of industrial automation

Now let's talk about the advantages of industrial automation. Industrial automation helps enterprises significantly improve product quality and increase production volumes. This happens as a result:

  • a significant increase in the speed of workflows;
  • growth of productivity and labor efficiency;
  • improving the safety of workers by minimizing the participation of a person in the performance of hazardous work;
  • replacement of manual labor with automated processes, especially in terms of performing labor-intensive and hazardous work;
  • reduction of time of performance of various technological operations.

Thanks to the automation of processes, the company will be able to significantly reduce costs, increase output, and use the released funds to develop its business. The introduction of complex automated systems allows you to increase the sales markets for products by gaining an advantage over competitors.

Electric automation

Electrical automation simplifies the control of systems so that electricity, appliances, and appliances turn on and off on command. In other words, electrical automation is the ability to automate and control electrical energy using smart devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Electric automation

Nowadays, the industry can not function without electrical automation because it was the main element of the 3rd industrial revolution. The target sectors of electrical automation are mechanical engineering, food processing, plastics, automotive, electronics, packaging, etc.

How does electrical automation work?

Nowadays smart devices are available to almost everyone and are widely used in the industry. Now imagine, you are controlling the electrical automation from your smart device from any location. That's really practice. You will get full individualized control over such important systems as:

  • lighting,
  • overall energy usage,
  • appliances,
  • temperature,
  • shade,
  • etc.

Supplier of industrial automation products

HVH is a supplier of industrial automation products and represents some of the popular brands in this industry. Our company is a supplier of Autonics, Brook Crompton, WITTENSTEIN, Bonfiglioli, SEW Eurodrive.

In our catalog, you can find various types of products for industrial automation of these brands. Since our company is a supplier of these brands and cooperates closely with them, we offer the best prices for their products. These brands meet the highest standards of modern production and are popular in the market.

For example, you can check the Autonics page and find products such as proximity sensors, pressure sensors, timers, control switches, temperature controllers, meters, etc.