AC Motor Controls

AC Motor Controls

Motor controls are devices or mechanisms that manage motor performance. It can select the rotation direction, limit or regulate the torque, regulate the speed, and protect the motor from an accidental fault overload.

HVH Industrial offers a wide range of motor controls, like safety starter panels, part wind starter (PWS) panels, variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, across-the-line (ATL) panels, and safety switches/disconnect panels.

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Motor controls play a vital role in managing and optimizing the performance of motors. These devices or mechanisms enable the selection of rotation direction, regulation of torque and speed, and protection against accidental fault overload. HVH Industrial, a leading provider of motor control solutions, offers a diverse range of products to cater to various industrial applications. From safety starter panels and part wind starter (PWS) panels to variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, across-the-line (ATL) panels, and safety switches/disconnect panels, HVH Industrial offers reliable and efficient motor control solutions.

What are Motor Controls

Motor controls are indispensable components in modern industrial setups. They empower businesses to maximize motor performance while safeguarding against potential damage. These controls enable precise regulation of motor functions, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and extended motor lifespan. Moreover, motor controls play a crucial role in maintaining operational safety, preventing accidents, and minimizing downtime.

Types of Motor Controls

Safety Starter Panels

Safety starter panels are a fundamental type of motor control solution. They provide essential protection to motors, operators, and machinery. Equipped with advanced safety features, these panels ensure reliable motor start-up, smooth operation, and effective fault detection. Safety starter panels incorporate circuit breakers, overload relays, and other safety mechanisms to prevent motor damage caused by overload, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

Part Wind Starter (PWS) Panels

Part Wind Starter (PWS) panels are specifically designed for motors operating in applications where partial load starts are required. These panels offer a cost-effective solution by limiting the power supply during motor start-up, thus reducing energy consumption and mechanical stress. PWS panels enable smooth and controlled motor acceleration, prolonging the equipment's life and improving operational efficiency.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panels

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panels provide precise control over motor speed and torque. By regulating the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor, VFD panels allow for adjustable motor performance according to specific requirements. This flexibility enables energy savings, improved process control, and reduced wear and tear on motor components. VFD panels are widely used in applications that demand speed regulation, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, and HVAC systems.

Across-the-Line (ATL) Panels

Across-the-Line (ATL) panels represent a simple and cost-effective motor control solution. These panels directly connect motors to the power supply, activating them at full voltage. ATL panels are suitable for applications where controlled starting and speed adjustments are not critical. They are commonly used in scenarios where the motor load is consistent, and the motor operates at full speed throughout its operation.

Safety Switches/Disconnect Panels

Safety switches/disconnect panels ensure the safe disconnection of power to motors for maintenance or emergency purposes. These panels act as a crucial interface between the power supply and the motor, enabling quick and secure isolation of the motor from the electrical system. Safety switches/disconnect panels play a vital role in preventing electrical hazards, protecting personnel, and facilitating efficient maintenance procedures.

Choosing the Right Motor Control Solution

Selecting the appropriate motor control solution requires careful consideration of various factors. Factors such as the motor type, application requirements, load characteristics, and safety considerations influence the choice of motor control. Consulting with our team at HVH Industrial helps ensure the selection of the most suitable motor control solution that aligns with specific industrial needs.


Motor controls are indispensable devices for managing motor performance, ensuring efficiency, and safeguarding operations. Safety starter panels, part wind starter (PWS) panels, variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, across-the-line (ATL) panels, and safety switches/disconnect panels offer a range of options to suit various motor control requirements. By utilizing the appropriate motor controls, industries and applications can optimize motor performance, minimize energy consumption, and enhance overall operational safety.