Automatic Lubricators

Automatic Lubricators

We offer a wide range of single and multi-point automatic lubrication systems manufactured by SimatecMemolubKlüber, and Perma. Simalube, Memolube, Klüberand Perma guarantee excellent protection and high-quality operation of the lubricated equipment in various industrial applications.

HVH Industrial works closely with the manufacturers to meet our customers' requirements and high-quality standards.

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What is an Automatic Lubricator

An automatic lubricator is a device that releases a lubricant at predetermined intervals in order to maintain the proper lubrication of machinery, moving parts, bearings, and other industrial components. It is designed to reduce the need for manual lubrication and to ensure that the correct lubrication is applied so that the machinery runs with minimal friction and maximum efficiency.

Using automatic lubricators is especially beneficial in industrial applications, where machines may operate for long periods without regular maintenance, ensuring that the lubricant is applied as needed and preventing costly breakdowns and repair bills.

Automatic lubricators also help reduce the manual labor required for lubrication, as the machinery can be lubricated automatically, reducing the need for skilled workers and regular maintenance and repair.

Lubrication occurs while the machinery operates, causing the lubricant to be equally distributed within the parts and increasing the machine's performance.

In addition to industrial applications, automatic lubricators are also used in various other applications, such as automotive and automotive-related industries, as well as in the food and beverage industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Lubricators


  • Automatic lubricators reduce the time, maintenance costs, and labor required for manual lubrication. 

  • They ensure that lubrication happens regularly and at the right time.

  • They reduce the risk of human error in the lubrication process.

  • They help to maintain a consistent lubrication level and reduce wasted lubricant. No over or under lubrication.

  • Automatic lubricators can be used in remote and hazardous locations where manual lubrication would be difficult or impossible.

  • They help extend the equipment's life by ensuring that the right amount of lubrication is applied at the right time.

  • Lowers energy consumption due to less friction

  • They can monitor lubrication levels and alert operators when lubrication levels are low.


  • Automatic lubricators can be expensive to have and maintain.

  • They require regular maintenance and calibration to ensure they are operating correctly.

  • They are not suitable for all types of lubrication applications.

  • The accuracy of the system is dependent on the lubrication cycle settings.


We offer automatic lubricators from the best manufacturers like Simatec, perma, and MEMOLUB

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