CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals

CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals

High-pressure rotary shaft seals are designed to keep products in and contamination out. They do so by creating a seal around the rotating shaft found in a wide range of industrial equipment including screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, mixers, and bulk-handling equipment. These machines mix, process, and convey liquids, gels, slurries, powders, granular mixes, and more. What they have in common is the need for a reliable sealing technology that lasts and prevents costly leakage of products.

Advanced (air-purged, PTFE, and silicone) rotary, or radial, shaft seals are becoming the standard as everyone from food processors to electric vehicle and cement manufacturers is replacing or upgrading their equipment from lip seals and packing seals.

High-performance, leak-free, PTFE and air-purged rotary shaft seals, such as those designed and manufactured by CinchSeal, outperform alternatives like O-rings, braided packing seals, mechanical face seals, lip seals, and other outdated devices. They are major improvements in these areas:

  • Design and performance

  • Cost-effectiveness

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals offer design solutions to achieve the highest performance

  • They provide a much larger shaft/seal interface surface, so they create a far superior seal against leakage and contamination

  • For even better leak prevention, CinchSeal rotary shaft seals offer polished stainless steel plates and PTFE rotor cups

  • An elastomer that spins with the shaft rather than rubbing against it prevents shaft damage

  • High-pressure rotary shaft seals feature air or nitrogen purging that pushes the rotors against the stator, closing the sliding interface and stopping leakage. This creates an air barrier that keeps products out of the seal and allows excellent performance under high pressure.

  • Offer a “split” design that makes installation and conversion simple, so it does not require bringing in outside installers

  • Can be custom designed, so you can get rotary shaft seals by size. Your seals will have dimensions made specifically for a given application, reducing the risks of problems created by trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals perform so well that they alone carry United States Department of Agriculture certification for poultry and dairy processing. This means the seals can be trusted to prevent cross-contamination and help keep food safe. But the seals’ high performance is evident across many industries.

Two points stand out when considering the place of rotary shaft seals for any industry:

  • Seals are vital for high productivity and, often, for safety. Rotary shaft seals are an innovative answer to the problems that plague other kinds of seals.
  • Maintenance and replacement of seals can be expensive and time-consuming. Rotary seals like those made by CinchSeal reduce the frequency and expense of maintenance and make replacement easier and far less frequent.


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