Cleveland Fan Cooled Worm Gear Reducers AF & RF

Cleveland Fan-Cooled Worm Gear Reducers AF & RF

Cleveland produced AF & RF series of Fan-Cooled Worm Gear Reducers are made of rugged finned housings, which are ribbed for maximum strength and heat dissipation. The reducers are designed for high reliability in critical applications due to the benefits they have including:

  • the size and design of fan-cooling permit a smooth, effective flow of air beneath, above, and around all sides of the reducer.

  • generously size bearings provide greater rigidity to accommodate radial, thrust, and overhung loads.

  • the flamatic-hardened worms provide maximum thread strength and resistance to wear.

  • centrifugally cast bronze gears ensure increased resistance to wear and fatigue pitting.

  • increased oil capacity is a built-in lubrication system, which decreases oxidation rate and increases lubricated life.

  • availability of large gear shaft, which are designed to withstand higher torsional and overhung loads.


Product Dimensions

Helical Worm

  • Ratio: 32: 1 – 394: 1

  • Input horsepower: up to 60

  • Center distances: 4 – 12 inch

  • Output torque: up to 145,000 in-lb


Double Worm

  • Ratio: 25: 1 – 6650: 1

  • Output torque: up to 145,000

  • Center distances: ‘’3’’ – ‘’6’’ primary reducer, ‘’3’’ – ‘’12’’ secondary reducer


Available Models

  • AF – Worm Under Configuration

  • RF – Worm Over Configuration

  • UF – Vertically Up Output Shaft Configuration

  • DF – Vertically Down Shaft Configuration




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