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HVH provides different kinds of controllers. Automation control products are mechanical, electromechanical, and solid-state devices that monitor, control, or actuate power utilization apparatus, including motor regulation. They cover the breadth of the manufacturing, transportation, and building sectors—from logic devices to complex process systems.

We work closely with the manufacturers to provide us with highly qualified products. Find the following types of controllers in our company:

  • Temperature Controller

  • Solid State Replay

  • Counters

  • Timer

  • Panel Meter

  • Control Switches 

HVH Industrial works with the specialized engineering teams of manufacturers to meet the requirements and highest quality standards of our customers. 

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Automation control products are indispensable components in modern industrial settings, enabling the efficient monitoring, control, and regulation of power utilization apparatus and motor systems. These mechanical, electromechanical, and solid-state devices play a pivotal role across a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and building sectors. In this article, we will explore the significance of automation control products and the types of controllers available at HVH.

What Are Automation Control Products?

Automation control products refer to a wide array of devices that are designed to oversee and manage the functioning of power utilization apparatus. These products encompass a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from simple logic devices to highly intricate process systems.

The implementation of automation control products offers several advantages, such as increased efficiency, enhanced precision, and reduced human intervention. By automating various processes, industries can optimize production, streamline operations, and minimize errors, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

Applications in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Building Sectors

Automation control products find extensive use in diverse industries. In the manufacturing sector, they optimize production processes, leading to higher output and consistent quality. The transportation sector benefits from automated control systems, ensuring the smooth operation of vehicles and traffic management. In the building industry, automation products enhance energy efficiency and security.

Types of Controllers

We offer a comprehensive range of automation control products, and among them are:

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are essential in industries where precise temperature regulation is critical. These controllers ensure that equipment operates within specific temperature ranges, preventing overheating or underperformance.

Solid State Relays

Solid-state relays are semiconductor devices that act as electronic switches, controlling the flow of electrical currents to various components. They offer several advantages over traditional electromechanical relays, including faster response times, longer lifespan, and noiseless operation.


Counters are used to track the number of occurrences of an event or the number of items produced. They find applications in manufacturing processes, inventory management, and quality control.


Timers are vital in automating time-based processes. They enable the activation or deactivation of certain equipment at specific intervals, contributing to energy efficiency and resource optimization.

Panel Meters

Panel meters are instruments that display and monitor various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency. They provide real-time data, allowing operators to make informed decisions and take prompt action when necessary.

Control Switches

Control switches serve as interfaces between human operators and automated systems. They allow users to initiate or halt processes, providing manual control when needed.

Collaborating with Manufacturers

At HVH, we place a strong emphasis on sourcing automation control products from reputable manufacturers, such as Autonics and Leuze. HVH Industrial works with the specialized engineering teams of manufacturers to meet the requirements and highest quality standards of our customers


Automation control products play a vital role in modern industries, facilitating efficient monitoring, control, and actuation of power utilization apparatus. From temperature controllers to panel meters, these devices enhance productivity and accuracy across manufacturing, transportation, and building sectors. By collaborating with reputable manufacturers, we strive to provide our customers with top-notch automation control products that drive efficiency and success.