D.I.D Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

D.I.D Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

D.I.D Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are engineered with resin rollers, which are quieter and lighter than steel rollers. The chains are suitable for a conveyor system designed to operate quietly and convey lightweight articles. The average tensile strength of a resin roller chain is equivalent to that of a steel roller chain, as components aside from the rollers are constructed from steel.  

The term "Allowable load of resin rollers" pertains to the permissible load experienced when conveyed articles exert pressure on the resin rollers as they move along the floor surface.

Daido also offers an extension selection of conveyor chains made from carbon and stainless steel, such as attachment chains, top roller chains, side roller (outboard roller) chains, hollow pin chains, flexible (side bow) chains, and straight sidebar chains.


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