Eich SACRB Bearings

Eich SACRB Bearings

SACRB (Self-aligning cylindrical roller bearing) bearings as floating or fixed bearings combine properties, including high load ratio, angular adjustment, and easy axial shifting. These bearings consist of an inner ring, a set of rollers, usually full complement or with a cage, a spherical outer ring, and the adjusting, the calotte.

The SACRB bearings are alternatives to spherical roller bearings or toroidal bearings; in most cases, they can exchange one-on-one.


SACRB Bearings Structure

The spherical outer ring sits in the calotte and compensates for the misalignment of the bearing seats. Therefore, the angle setting does not occur in contact with the roller bearing. The load capacity of the roller bearing remains intact in every position. The floating bearing variant has a smooth/straight inner ring; the rolling elements can quickly move axially.

According to the principle of the angle adjustment described above, even in the tilted state, a force-free axial displacement, e.g., by thermal expansion, is possible. The fixed bearing has either a fixed board on the inner ring and a lateral thrust ring or a smooth/inner ring without a rib or two lateral pressure rings with which the axial forces can be passed.




This video shows the correct mounting principles of Eich Self-Aligning Cylindrical Roller Bearings.




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