Micron TRUE Inline Planetary Gearheads

Micron TRUE Inline Planetary Gearheads

The high-precision Micron TRUE Inline Planetary Gearheads are designed for direct attachment to servomotors. They provide high torque, low backlash, high rigidity, inertia matching, self-lubrication, and high radial load capacity. The gearheads are suitable for applications like robotics, packaging, semiconductors, automotive, machine tools, medical, printing paper converting, etc.

We offer a wide selection of Inline Planetary Gearheads such as AquaTRUE, DuraTRUE, EverTRUE, NemaTRUE, UltraTRUE, XTRUE, and ValueTRUE.

HVH Industrial offers a wide variety of Micron TRUE inline planetary gearheads to meet our customers’ specific requirements.   

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