perma FUTURA and CLASSIC single-point, automatic lubrication systems are suitable for areas that require hygiene or for harsh operating conditions, which may lead to the corrosion of metal lubricators or electronic systems. Due to their resistance to corrosion, they are especially suited for the food industry. 

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perma FUTURA and CLASSIC are  the most suitable automatic lubrication system for demanding operating conditions that may cause corrosion of metal lubricators or electric systems and also for the areas that require hygiene. The lubricators operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction. Color-coded activator screws define the lubrication period.



Depending on the requirements of your application and operating conditions, you can choose to discharge 120 cc volume in a period of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. The activator screw produces pressure, which moves the piston forward, infusing small amounts of lubricant into the lubrication point.


Activation and Installation

Before mounting the lubrication system, follow the installation instructions below:

  1. Check the activator screw to be sure that it contains the gas generating pill

  2. Screw the activator screw into the lubrication system

  3. Screw the activator screw until the screw-ring breaks off

  4. Shake the lubrication system to check the activation

  5. Write the activation and the expected replacement date on the lubricator label before installation

  6. Remove the plug and screw the lubricator into the lube point.





perma FUTURA and CLASSIC Application

perma FUTURA and CLASSIC are widely used for single-point lubrication of open gears, roller and sliding bearings, chains, shaft seals, sliding guides etc. They are particularly suitable in the areas that should be kept hygienically clean (e.g., food and chemical industry). And in the environments that are highly corrosive due to the existence of corrosion-proof plastic housing of the lubricator.