Simalube Automatic Lubricators

The simalube single-point automatic lubricators come in 15, 30, 60, 125, and 250 ml sizes and are suitable for any single-point lubricating task with grease and oil. They are available both in filled and empty versions for self-filling and guarantee a resistant supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted amount. simalube lubricators can lubricate any bearings, open gears, spindles, guide rails, chains, and more.

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Simalube is an automatic lubrication system that provides all possible lubrication points with lubricant. It consists of a lubricant dispenser and a timer, which controls the dispenser to periodically release small doses of lubricant, keeping machines running smoothly and reducing wear and tear.

The Simalube lubricator provides a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted proportions. Shutdown times are decreased, and costs compared to time-consuming manual lubrication are reduced.

The Simalube is easy to install; within seconds, it is fixed to the lubricating point. On commissioning, a gas-production cell is activated, which presses the lubricant on the lubrication point by releasing hydrogen gas. An Allen key is used to adjust the lubricating dose.

The Simalube lubrication system is available with a comprehensive standard range of greases and oils and comes in sizes that suit all applications ranging from 15 ml to 250 ml. Simalube supplies various lubrication points with lubricant around the clock. Day in, day out – for up to one year. Continuous lubricant delivery with a simalube effectively prevents the lack of lubrication or over-lubrication that often occurs with manual lubrication.

In confined spaces, the 15 ml simalube offers the perfect solution. With its compact size, it is unique on the global market as the smallest automatic lubricator. It functions like the larger simalube lubricators and offers the same advantages.


The Simalube automatic lubrication system is used in various applications: chains, conveyors, electric motors, gears, lifting systems, linear/sliding guides, pumps, rolling bearings, threaded spindles, and ventilation systems. The simalube automatic lubricant dispenser is used in a wide range of industries such as automation, mining, paper, and cardboard industries, sewage treatment plans, textile, and others.

Advantages of Simalube:

  • Used In confined and hard-to-reach spaces, even underwater

  • At ambient temperatures of –20 °C to +55 °C

  • Numerous installation options thanks to an extensive range of accessories

  • A freely selectable dispensing cycle of 1 to 12 months

  • Dispensing cycle can be modified anytime

  • Lubrication points are continuously supplied with lubricant

  • No lubrication point is missed

  • simalube can be refilled up to 3 times

  • Easy disposal at the end of the dispensing cycle

  • simalube lubricators do not contain toxic substances

  • No under- or over-lubrication of components ( Less wear, Less machine downtime, and Increased machine performance)

  • Sealed, dustproof, and waterproof system ( No more confusion of lubricants, Reduced risk of contamination, and No contamination of lubrication points)


Continuous lubrication with a simalube prevents premature damage, reduces maintenance costs, and increases functional reliability. Cleaning the machine is as important as lubrication in operating environments with a lot of dirt and dust. By using simalube brushes, this cleaning is permanently ensured. Thanks to the comprehensive simalube accessory range, the lubricant dispenser can be optimally and professionally installed and adjusted for the corresponding applications in conjunction with different-sized brushes. 

The simalube IMPULSE connect is digital monitoring and configuring the lubrication points via Bluetooth.

The simalube IMPULSE connect is the latest generation of pressure booster from the simalube family. The proven functions of the IMPULSE have been supplemented with the option of connecting the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In connection with the newly developed «simatec world of maintenance» app, the devices can be easily configured and monitored without having to be in person at the lubrication point. Information such as general status, fill level, lubricant, size, start, and change date, are displayed to the user and are easy to read in the app. It also enables the customer to manage the lubrication points digitally.