WINKEL VULKOLLAN Ball Bearings V 1012 AP

WINKEL VULKOLLAN Ball Bearings V 1012 AP

V 1012 AP series of VULKOLLAN Ball Bearings are wear-resistant devices designed for profiles and flange plates. They can operate under low noise, making them suitable for high-dynamic applications.

VULKOLLAN Ball Bearings are made of unique corrosion protection material called Duralloy coating. Duralloy is an extremely hard, thin, and ultrapure metallic chromium layer. This material provides shape and hardness stability for any manufacturing components.


Bearing Relubrication

  • WINKEL bearings fully complement cylindrical rollers that are lifetime lubricated for one shift and unsteady operation.

  • Light surface conservation with commercial spray oil will be sufficient for applications such as warehouses and machine halls, and regular relubrication every six months.

  • In the case of particular environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, dirt, outdoor operations, temperatures over 40 degrees, and frequent load changes (continuous operation), the bearings need to be lubricated at least once per month.


Technical Details

  • Bearing from 4.054 to 4.063 are relubricate able

  • The max. The speed of Winkel Bearings in the steel version is 3m / s.

  • Outer rings are made of case-hardened steel UNI 16 CrNi 4

  • Inner rings are made of  steel En 31-SAE 52100

  • Environmental temperature is up to +250 0C

  • Bearing resistance is from -20 0C to +800C

  • Cylindrical rollers have flat ground heads made of En 31-SAE 52100 steel hardened at 59 – 64 HRC.


Bearing Advantages

  • Runs wear-resistant

  • Travel speed up to 16 ft/sec

  • Low friction by precision ball bearings in the 2RS version

  • Silent run by VULKOLLAN coated bearings

  • Strong profiles for the high stat. and dynamic loads

  • Can take up high radial and axial loads


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