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HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor for Dalton Gear 

Dalton products include overload safety devices - OSD, sprockets, couplings, gears, overload switches, secondary arms, angular bases, base pads, worm gear reducers, drive tensioners, idler sprockets, gearboxes, and speed reducers.
Capabilities include gear cutting, CNC machining, sawing, honing, broaching splines and keyways, grinding ID and OD, and assembly.

At HVH, we work closely with the Dalton Gear engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

Dalton Gear Literature:

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"OSD" Overload Safety Devices, Torque Limiters-Couplings

Drive Tensioners & Idler Sprockets Product Catalog


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Dalton Gear is a custom manufacturer of overload safety devices located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Dalton Gear company opened in 1955 with a small shop and a few machines. Now the company operates in a fully equipped plant covering 50000 square feet.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Dalton Gear understands the needs and problems of both distributors and O.E.M. customers and what they expect from a manufacturer. Since 1955, Dalton has reinvested much of its revenue in high-tech gear-making equipment.

Dalton offers overload safety devices torque limiters/couplings like the model OSD overload safety device, model ROSDC rigid overload safety coupling, roller chain shear pin coupling model RCSPC, roller chain flexible couplings, ball bearing idler sprockets, model DRC steel rigid couplings, sprockets for use in OSD units, and the SOS safety overload switches.

The Dalton OSD is a torque-limiter that prevents costly breakdowns when equipment is overloaded by disengaging when the maximum preset load is reached.

The Dalton OSDC provides overload protection through the use of an OSD unit combined with a roller coupling. 

The Dalton ROSDC provides overload protection through the use of an OSD unit combined with a rigid coupling.

Dalton Shear Pin (torque limiter) Roller Chain Couplings are developed for applications that require high horsepower and torque or extreme accuracy. In comparison, the Roller Chain Flexible Couplings are considered more economical and are capable of transmitting relatively high torques with minimum space consumption.

Dalton ball bearing idler sprockets are precision sealed ball bearings that offer superior performance supplied with hardened or unhardened teeth in convenient bore sizes.

The Dalton DRC Rigid Coupling is designed for speeds up to 3600 RPM. The shaft size determines the coupling to be used. The coupling must be installed with perfect alignment to function fully.

Dalton Sprockets are specially ground sprockets recommended for use with all Torque Limiters. These sprockets consist of uniform surfaces and parallel faces, ensuring that Dalton OSDs maintain proper torque release and re-engagement much longer than units without unique sprockets.

The Dalton SOS Safety Overload Switch is explicitly designed to ensure breakdowns in all types of driven machinery by providing automatic shutdown at the precise moment an overload occurs, which reduces downtime and production loss.


Dalton is known for producing products of consistently high quality that adhere rigidly to specifications. Whatever the customer needs… from a few stock sprockets to mass production of highly specialized gears …  Dalton ensures the quality the customers expect, the delivery they require, and the best possible price.