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For many years, Elektrim Motors designed and manufactured a full line of European AC NEMA and Metric IEC electric motors, from 1 up to 6300 HP, including Medium Voltage motors, in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality systems around the world. 

Elektrim Motors makes premium efficient performance 20N series, Severe Duty 60N, All-purpose 31 N series, Crusher Duty, Low Voltage, Stainless steel, and many other types of motors.

Made by engineers for engineers, Elektrim Motors are built to overcome harsh applications in most major industries. 

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About Elektrim Motors

Elektrim Motors boasts a lengthy and storied history that spans well over a century. The tale of this enterprise began in 1878 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, where it originally operated as a small textile machine repair workshop. However, the production of electric motors by Elektrim Motors did not commence until 1919, after a series of developmental efforts.

Rapid expansion followed the establishment of Elektrim Motors' second factory in Cieszyn in 1920, with a third factory following suit in 1921. The enterprise swiftly established a reputation for its top-tier three-phase electric motors, transformers, and generators. Additionally, it was the first enterprise in Poland to manufacture tramway motors.

However, it was only shortly after the First World War, when the factories were nationalized under the Elektrim Export Office, that the name "Elektrim" came into play. The company underwent a period of restructuring as a result of the nationalization and the new name. The fourth manufacturing plant was established in 1950, originally dedicated to the regeneration of electric motors. The plant subsequently began producing three-phase induction motors a year later, with the facility manufacturing single-phase motors a decade later.

In 1973, a business unit managed by Toolmex was founded in the United States, introducing NEMA and IEC motors produced in Poland from Elektrim Motors' four original factories to North America. This marked the commencement of the company's foray into the North American market, and it initiated a long and prosperous relationship with the region.

Presently, Elektrim Motors is a registered trademark and functioning business unit of Toolmex Industrial Solutions, headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The enterprise specializes in designing and manufacturing AC electric motors in both IEC and NEMA configurations, ranging from fractional to 6,300 horsepower. Production primarily takes place across four state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in Poland, with additional manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. 

Elektrim Motors has been serving the US and North American industrial marketplaces for over half a century, providing customers with a higher level of support and service. The enterprise has garnered a reputation as a dependable partner, delivering significant volumes of product solutions to businesses across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Elektrim Motors Products

Elektrim Motors is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Elektrim Motors produces a wide range of custom electric motors and AC motors that are used in a variety of industries.

Custom Motors

Elektrim Motors specializes in providing custom solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. Its team of experienced engineers works closely with customers to design and manufacture motors that fit their exact specifications. The company offers a range of custom motors, including explosion-proof motors, brake motors, gear motors, and more. These motors are built to the highest quality standards and are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance.

AC Motors

Elektrim Motors also offers a range of high-quality AC motors that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. The company's AC motors are built to provide reliable and efficient performance, with a focus on durability and ease of use. Elektrim Motors offers a variety of AC motor types, including single-phase and three-phase motors, as well as high-efficiency and high-torque models.

The company's AC motors are used in a variety of applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors. They are designed to operate in harsh environments and are built to withstand extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. Elektrim Motors' AC motors are also known for their low noise and vibration levels, which make them ideal for use in applications where noise and vibration are a concern.


In conclusion, Elektrim Motors is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of high-quality electric motors. Its products are designed to meet the unique needs of its customers and are built to provide reliable and efficient performance. Whether you're looking for a custom motor or an AC motor, Elektrim Motors has the expertise and experience to provide the right solution for your needs.