Mulhern Belting

HVH Industrial Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Mulhern Belting

Founded in 1932, Mulhern Belting has become a leading supplier and fabricator of Conveyor Belting worldwide. The company introduces over 350 styles of light and heavy-weight belting for the smallest conveyors to the largest system requirements.

Mulhern offers an extensive range of conveyor belting solutions such as Profiles (Chevron), Specialty (Longitudinal Splicing, Metal Cleats, Covered Timing Belts and V-Belts, APC Belts, Capped Edges, Reinforced Edges, Pulley Lagging, Loop Belts, Grooved and Beveled Belts, Splice Kits), Hole Punches (Belt Perforation, Bucket Hole Punch), Endless Splices (Lap Splice, Single Finger Splice, Double Finger Spluce, Skived Splice, Prepared Ends Splice, Stitched Reinforcement), and Lacings (Clipper, Clip N Lock, Unibar, Alligator, Staple, MR Lacing, etc.).

At HVH, we work closely with the Mulhern engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

Mulhern Literature:

Mulhern Belting Brochure

Mulhern Belting Heavy Rubber Line Card

Mulhern Belting Recycling Brochure

Mulhern Belting Ziplink Solutions


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