Sacemi Gamar

HVH Industrial Solutions is a value adding supplier of Sacemi Gamar 

Sacemi Gamar production program includes a wide range of low and medium pressure immersed rod electric pumps, in a large number of variants, with immersed rod in steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass and plastic material. 

Sacemi pumps are mainly for use on cooling, lubrication, washing, air conditioning systems and wherever an effective circulation of water-oil emulsions and pure cutting oils is required, with flow rates reaching up to 1,200 liters / min. and head up to 160 meters. In particular, the submerged rod pumps are designed with the aim of reliability, low operating costs, safe use and total elimination of the risks of leakage or external loss of the pumped liquids.

Sacemi Gamar Literature:


Electric Motors


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