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We are not just a supplier of T-slotted extrusions and components (panels, hinges, linear bearings, handles, casters, and more), but we also do design and high-quality assembly work. HVH can supply you with up-to-date drawings and a bill of materials at your request. Don’t tie up your resources designing guards or other extrusion products. Our experienced design team will visit your site and custom-design a solution for your unique needs.

TSLOTS by Futura Industries is the leading T-slotted aluminum extrusion manufactured by an aluminum extruder. That means you get the most consistent quality and one of the most extensive offerings in the industry. You never have to worry about color or finish because all TSLOTS meet the same extremely high standards.

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We offer the following machining services:

  • Cut to length

  • Tap profile end

  • Drill access hole

  • Counterbore anchor/Butt fastening assembly

  • Counterbore for miter cuts

  • Plastic/Wire cut to length.

  • Panel notch for profile/fastener clearance

  • Deluxe door handle milling service


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With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Futura Industries has established itself as a trusted leader in manufacturing top-notch extruded aluminum solutions and providing customized value-added services to clients across the world.

T-SLOTS Origins

Futura Industries, a renowned market leader in the production of high-end aluminum trims and transitions for various flooring applications, has established its dominance in both commercial and residential settings. With its roots tracing back to the 1950s under the name Colotrym, the company initially focused on providing stretch carpet solutions while prioritizing superior quality, value, and customer service.

In 1964, Colotrym underwent a transformation and rebranded itself as Futura. Over the course of the next 55 years, the company relentlessly expanded its product portfolio by introducing innovative solutions tailored for different flooring types. This included developing trims and transitions specifically designed for ceramic installations, as well as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and resilient flooring options.

In the late 1990s, the company expanded its presence by introducing the T-SLOTS product line, renowned for its unmatched versatility and reliability. T-SLOTS are extruded aluminum profiles with unique T-shaped slots on all four sides, allowing for easy assembly and modification. These profiles serve as building blocks for constructing a wide range of structures, making T-SLOTS ideal for various industries and applications.

In 2017, T-SLOTS embarked on a new chapter when Futura was acquired by Bonnell Aluminum, a prominent domestic manufacturer specializing in extruded aluminum products. This partnership further strengthened Futura's position in the market and opened doors for continued growth and advancement.

What are T-SLOTS

T-Slots, also known as T-slot tracks or T-slot extrusions, are a type of structural framing system used for building modular frameworks and assemblies. T-Slots consist of aluminum or steel profiles with a T-shaped slot along their length. The T-slot has a "T" shape when viewed from the end, with a horizontal base and a vertical extension.

The T-slot design allows for the insertion of various types of hardware, such as bolts or specialized connectors, into the slots without the need for welding or complex fabrication processes. This enables the easy attachment, adjustment, and reconfiguration of components within the framework. The hardware can be tightened or loosened to secure or release the components as needed.

Benefits of TSLOTS

TSLOTS offer numerous advantages that make them the preferred choice for industrial framework applications. Some of the key benefits include:

Flexibility: TSLOTS' modular design allows for easy modifications, additions, and reconfigurations, empowering businesses to adapt to evolving needs without major disruptions. It provides the flexibility to change layouts, integrate new equipment, and accommodate future expansions.

Ease of Assembly: With TSLOTS, assembly is a breeze. The components easily fit together using simple tools, reducing assembly time and labor costs. This streamlined assembly process saves valuable time and resources.

Lightweight and Durable: TSLOTS are made of extruded aluminum, which combines lightweight characteristics with exceptional durability. This makes them ideal for applications where strength is required without adding excessive weight.

Cost-Effective: TSLOTS offer cost advantages over traditional T-slots. The ease of assembly reduced labor costs, and efficient use of materials contribute to overall cost savings.

Versatile: TSLOTS' compatibility with a wide range of accessories and components enables the construction of diverse structures, such as machine frames, enclosures, workstations, conveyor systems, and safety barriers.

Applications of TSLOTS

The versatility of TSLOTS opens up a myriad of applications across various industries. Some common applications include:

Manufacturing and Automation

T-Slot profiles are commonly used in machine frames, workstations, conveyor systems, and industrial automation equipment. Their flexibility and modularity allow for easy integration of components and customization based on specific requirements.

Furniture and Displays

T-Slot extrusions serve as a foundation for creating ergonomic workstations, shelving units, retail displays, and exhibition stands. The adaptability of T-Slot systems enables the design of functional and visually appealing furniture solutions.

Architectural and Construction

In the construction industry, T-Slots are utilized for constructing modular partitions, safety barriers, signage systems, and curtain walls. The ease of assembly and reconfiguration makes them a preferred choice for architects and contractors.

Transportation and Automotive

T-Slot profiles play a vital role in designing lightweight and durable components for vehicles, including truck bodies, trailers, and racks. The corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum make T-Slots ideal for outdoor applications.


In conclusion, T-SLOTS is a revolutionary system that has transformed the way industries design and construct structures, frameworks, and assemblies. With its unique profile design and versatile applications, T-SLOTS offer a wide range of benefits and possibilities for businesses across various sectors