CJM Centritec Non Contact Seals

CJM Centritec Non-Contact Seals

Carlyle Johnson manufactured Centritec Non-Contact Sealshave a double-seal design that keeps the lubricants in and keeps contaminations out even when idle. Centric seals often referred to as centrifugal pressure seals are unique solutions for sealing challenges in extreme environments such as turbines, rolling mills, railroad cars, and locomotives, off-road construction vehicles, and wind power generation. 

In addition, the rotating chamber sealing method significantly reduces operational speed requirements, compared to typical non-contact seals, and allows the use of extremely low viscosity fluids, even as low as water.


Lubrication System of Centritec Non-Contact Seals

The seals feature two fluid opportunities such as oil and water, as well as pumping lubrication from the seal to the bearings while operating in oil or grease. The Centritec centrifuge pressure seal also solves the alignment issues associated with other labyrinth seals, by actually pumping fluids to create a pressure differential between the environment and the controlled fluid cavity. This advantage is not available in either the standard contact lip type seal or the labyrinth seals and allows for some flexibility in axial alignment.

Product Advantages

  • Less downtime

  • Easy to install

  • Long lifespan

  • Less maintenance

  • Can separate two fluid mediums from each other

  • No special tools are required for installation


Product Operation

  • Minimal parasitic drag

  • Lubricant contained and contaminants prevented even when idle

  • Seal allows for flexibility in axial alignment

  • Capable of continuous high-speed operation

  • Operates in extreme temperatures

  • Capable of pumping lubrication from seal to bearing when operating in oil or grease


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