D.I.D Ultimate Life Chains

D.I.D Ultimate Life Chains

Daido Ultimate Life Chains are designed for applications subjected to contaminants or lack of lubricants.

DHA Chains

DHA chains are recommended for such challenging conditions where it is hard to prevent lubricating oil deterioration due to factors like oxidation, wear residue, and dust infiltration. Even in such environmental conditions where hard and fine particles are obvious without any lubricating oil at all, the DHA chains provide excellent performance.

O-Ring Chains (LLDR, LDR)

The O-ring chain comes highly recommended for applications facing abrasive conditions, demanding regular maintenance, or where the use of a sintered bushing roller chain is impractical due to its insufficient shock load capacity or limitations in high-speed performance.

Sintered Bushing Roller Chains (UR, URF)

The roller chain features bushings composed of a sintered alloy that undergoes lubricating oil impregnation during the manufacturing process. These sintered bushing roller chains are ideal for:

  • Applications do not require lubrication

  • Sensitive applications, where a rustless type of chain (URN) is recommended

  • Industries that limit the traveling speed to 492 ft/min

  • Dusty environments

URF is the heat-resistant version of the UR chain which is relevant up to 400°F. The wear life at 400°F is two times as long as the regular UR chain.  


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