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Founded in 1958 in Fairfield, New Jersey, Jason Industrial became a reliable manufacturer of Industrial Hose and Power Transmission Belts. In 2007, Jason became a part of Megadyne Group. In 2018, the Megadyne joined Ammeraal Beltech to create AMMEGA. Today, Jason Industrial is the Hose Division of AMMEGA serving North, Central, and South America offering a wide range of both industrial and hydraulic hose, couplings, equipment, and accessories.

At HVH, we work closely with the Jason engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.


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When it comes to industrial hose and power transmission belts, one name that stands out is Jason Industrial. Established in 1958 in Fairfield, NJ, Jason Industrial quickly gained a solid reputation as a go-to source for various industrial needs. Over the years, they expanded their operations and product offerings, becoming a reliable partner to distributors across the United States and internationally.

About Jason Industrial

Founded in 1958 in Fairfield, NJ, Jason Industrial set out to become a trusted provider of industrial hoses and power transmission belts. Right from the start, their commitment to quality products and exceptional customer care allowed them to gain recognition in the industry.

With their initial success in Fairfield, Jason Industrial expanded its business model across the United States. They opened distribution centers in Carol Stream, IL; Tampa, FL; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and Portland, OR, allowing them to better serve their customers nationwide.

Recognizing the potential beyond US borders, Jason Industrial expanded internationally, establishing a presence in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. Their dedication to meeting customer needs and providing reliable products helped them establish a strong foothold in these regions.

In 2007, Jason Industrial reached a significant milestone when it was acquired by Megadyne, a leading global manufacturer of power transmission belts. This acquisition allowed Jason Industrial to benefit from the resources and expertise of Megadyne, strengthening their position in the industry.

Further enhancing their capabilities, in 2018, the Megadyne Group merged with Ammeraal Beltech, a global leader in process and conveyor belting. The combined strengths and knowledge of these industry giants resulted in the creation of AMMEGA, a powerful force in the industrial market.

Jason Industrial Products Offered

Hydraulic Hoses

Jason Industrial's Hydraulic hoses serve a critical role in hydraulic systems by connecting and conveying hydraulic fluid under pressure between different components. These hoses are typically made of rubber or elastomeric materials, reinforced with multiple layers of metal or textile, and covered with a protective outer layer.

The primary purpose of hydraulic hoses is to transmit force or energy within a hydraulic system, enabling the movement and application of force or torque. Hydraulic systems are renowned for their ability to convert low pressure into high output pressure with precision and accuracy, making them indispensable in various equipment and machinery.

Jason Industrial's hydraulic hoses are selected for their durability and flexibility. They must withstand high pressures, vibrations, and external forces while maintaining their integrity. Additionally, they need to be flexible enough to fit into tight or confined spaces within the hydraulic system.

By offering durability and flexibility, Jason Industrial's hydraulic hoses ensure the safe and efficient operation of hydraulic systems. Their ability to handle extreme pressures and deliver precise movements makes them invaluable in industrial applications.

Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses play a vital role in numerous industrial settings, facilitating the transportation of essential process materials and performing additional functions like pneumatic and steam applications. These hoses are designed to resist external forces, such as corrosion and abrasion, ensuring reliable and safe material transport.

As a leading provider of industrial hoses and accessories, Jason Industrial offers high-quality products for different industries. Their product range includes hoses suitable for petroleum and oilfield applications, food handling, chemical transport, and more. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Jason Industrial ensures its hoses meet the rigorous demands of industrial use.


To complement their hydraulic and industrial hoses, Jason Industrial provides a full line of couplings and accessories that are designed to pair seamlessly with their hoses, ensuring optimal performance and durability. 


Since its establishment in 1958, Jason Industrial has evolved into a trusted provider of industrial hoses and accessories. With a strong presence across the United States and international markets, Jason Industrial offers a wide range of high-quality hydraulic and industrial hoses designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries.