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HVH Industrial Solutions is a distributor of T-slotted aluminum extrusion products.

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We offer a wide variety of T-slotted aluminum extrusions to fit just about any project: standard and custom. Our engineers will be happy to work with you to provide solutions that will fit your unique needs. We regularly work with TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum and can provide specs, pricing, and availability quickly and accurately.



  • Cut to length

  • Tap profile end

  • Drill access hole

  • Counterbore anchor/Butt fastening assembly

  • Counterbore for miter cuts

  • Plastic/Wire cut to length

  • Panel notch for profile/fastener clearance

  • Deluxe door handle milling service



  • Simple T-slotted design

  • Linear adjustability on the X, Y, and Z-axis

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Standard fractional or metric-sized centerlines
  • Stocked in 240″ lengths

  • No welding or painting is required

  • High strength

  • Corrosion resistant

  • 90% reusable

  • Anodized finish

  • The flexibility to change or add to a design at any time


HVH Industrial Solutions is a distributor and designer of T-slotted aluminum extrusion solutions. Our engineers will be happy to work with you to provide solutions that will fit your unique needs.

If you have any questions write us via live chat, (one of our team members will answer your questions), give us a call, or send us a quote request. The HVH team is always ready to help you.


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What is a T-slotted Aluminum Extrusion

T-slotted aluminum extrusion is aluminum driven out in a T-shape from a mold. An aluminum extrusion alloy is a predetermined mixture of one or more elements together with aluminum to be heated and hydraulically pressed through an extrusion die. The most common aluminum alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium, silicon, iron, nickel, and zinc.

The t-slotted aluminum extrusion is a modular channel, and it's easy to be connected with other aluminum parts without needing to be welded or clamped. T-slotted aluminum is highly durable, versatile, and less costly for custom structures and frames. It is also resistant to corrosion and doesn't need to be painted. It is incompatible with creating structures like these from steel or other materials because it can be costly, increase labor time, and limit flexibility. 


  • Alloy – 6560 or equivalent*, T6 Temper. 

  • Yield Strength (0.2% proof test) – 172 mpa = 25 ksi.
  • Tensile Strength (.02% proof test) – 206 mpa = 30 ksi. 
  • Elasticity (E) – approximately 10,000 ksi. 
  • Hardness – 12+ Webster Model "B."
  • Flatness – .004" per inch of width. 
  • Straightness - .0125" per foot, not exceeding .120 inches over 20 feet of length.
  • Twist – Twist per foot of length does not exceed .25°, and total twist over 20 feet of length does not exceed 1.5°.


Also, T-slots have a spring lock feature where extrusions have a 2° taper that spring locks fasteners as they are tightened and will not loosen under heavy vibration.

T-slots Vs. Welded steel

Welded steel disadvantages: 

  • Special equipment, welder  
  • Welding supplies 
  • Paint  
  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Fabricating equipment 
  • May rust WELDED 


Steel Advantages 

  • Permanent assembly


T-slots Advantages

  • Linear adjustment in the X, Y, and Z-axis 
  • No welding 
  • No painting (unless you want to) 
  • No rusting 
  • No cleanup 
  • No special tools 
  • No electricity 
  • Easy modifications 
  • Add on attachments 
  • Remove attachments 
  • Strong support ability 
  • Linear slide capability 
  • Comes packed ready to assemble or arrives assembled if desired 
  • Compatibility with competitors' attachments 
  • Lower cost per project  
  • Lightweight and easy to use