Graessner DynaGear Version D Hypoid Gear Reducer

Graessner DynaGear Version D Hypoid Gear Reducer

DynaGear Version D Single-Stage Right Angle Hypoid Gear Reducers are highly dynamic servo drive solutions used in a variety of compact applications. The reducer has a wide range of benefits and features such as:

  • The compact and rigid design ensures the highest performance whilst being space and weight-efficient

  • The torsional vibration behavior of the system can be adjusted via the coupling stiffness

  • Due to lifetime lubrication, the gearboxes are practically maintenance-free under normal operating conditions

  • The DynaGear is adapted to the performance of all common servo motors and can be variably adapted via drive flange and coupling

  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency of up to 96 %

  • Gearbox dimensions are the same for all ratios



  • Solid Shaft - with a continuous shaft, coupling, and input flange

  • Hollow Shaft - with coupling and input shaft

  • Hollow Shaft with Robot Flange - according to EN ISO 9409-1 with coupling and input flange



  • Sizes - 9 sizes from D37 to D190

  • Motor Mounting - via lantern and coupling

  • Shaft Arrangement - WA 1L, WA 3L, WA 13L, WA 1LSV, WA 3LSV

  • Ratios - from i = 3:1 to i = 15:1

  • Input speed n1max - up to 8000 min-1





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