Himmel Parallel Shaft Cooling Tower Gear Motors and Units

HIMMEL Parallel Shaft Cooling Tower Gear Motors and Units

HIMMEL Parallel Shaft Cooling tower gear motors can be supplied as an integrated unit or with an attached IEC standard motor.

The gear motors you need are also available as ATEX variants upon request. Gears and motors are built into a single sturdy and well-designed unit. The gear housings are sturdy, vibration-damping, and designed for continuous operation. Oil loss and ingress of dust are prevented by radial sealing rings with a dust gutter. All gear wheels are helically geared, polished and surface hardened. This guarantees smooth operation.

HIMMEL Cooling tower gear motors are used to drive large fans for cooling industry water or use in air conditioning systems.

HIMMEL Cooling tower gear motors are helical gear motors with reinforced axial and radial bearings. They are fitted with a roof over the fan cover as standard and therefore protected from rain and other weather.


  • Air conditioning systems

  • Industrial water cooling

  • Large ventilation fans

Features HIMMEL Cooling tower gear motors

  • Helical gearing

  • Range of torques and gear ratios from our modular range of gear motors

  • Polished tooth flanks for quiet running

  • Cast iron housing for stable and low-vibration continuous operation

  • Performance can be adapted for any application

  • Reinforced axial and radial bearing

  • Reinforced output shafts

  • Cowl cover


  • Brake assembly

  • Shaft design according to your specifications

  • Frequency converter operation

  • ATEX variant

  • Use of a wide variety of electric motors is possible by using a coupling adapter

Technical Data 

  • Power: 0.9 kW to 75 kW

  • Torque: 20 Nm to 5,230 Nm 

  • Speed: 50 rpm to 935 rpm

  • Gear ratio: 1.48 to 14.92


Himmel Cooling Tower Geared Motors Catalog


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