Nuttall Gear Custom Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers

Custom Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers & Speed Increasers

Nuttall Gear has earned a reputation for the design and manufacture of unique, custom-engineered gear drives for parallel, right-angle, or vertical input shaft arrangements. Our extensive application and design engineering experience have continually produced reliable and cost-effective gear drive solutions for many industries globally. Custom products are available in almost any configuration with features, ratios, and speeds specialized to your requirements for output torque ratings up to 6,000,000 inch pounds.


Product Features

  • Torque ratings up to 6,000,000 inch-pounds

  • Gear ratios up to 1500:1

  • Incorporate precise gearing in single, double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple reductions

  • Custom fabricated steel housings or specialized housing materials

  • Right angle, vertical shaft, and hollow shaft configurations

  • Custom ratios and torque ratings

  • Special seals, bearings, custom shafting

  • Couplings and auxiliary products

  • Lube systems, cooling systems, and heating systems

  • Monitoring systems and sensors for vibration, temperature and oil analysis, and other condition monitoring


Check the Nuttall Gear General Catalog to select the best model for your application.


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