Servo Drive Controller SC6 Series

SC6 Series Servo Drive Controller

The youngest in the series: The stand-alone SC6 drive controller. Due to its integrated power supply and slim design, it enables cost-effective application concepts.

The SC6 series is ideal for combination with the innovative Stober Lean motor – for example, for energy-efficient transport systems. Another benefit is that the Lean motor and SC6 run entirely without an encoder!

Technical Data

  • Nominal output current (4 kHz): 5 – 50 A
  • Max. output current (4 kHz): 10.5 – 105 A
  • Nominal output current (8 kHz): 4.5 – 40 A
  • Max. output current (8 kHz): 11.3 – 100 A


  • Operating motors:
    • Lean motors of the LM series
    • Synchronous servo motors of the EZ.
    • Asynchronous motors of the IE3D series
  • Encoder interfaces:
    • EnDat 3
    • EnDat 2.1/2.2 digital
    • Incremental
    • SSI
    • Resolver
    • Pulse/direction signals
  • Controllable brake: 24 VDCbrake
  • Fieldbus connection: Integrated EtherCAT or PROFINET communication
  • Safety technology: STO via terminals or STO and SS1 via FSoE: SIL 3, PL e (Cat. 4)
  • Commissioning: All functions to use the drive controller efficiently are provided by the DriveControlSuite DS6 project planning and commissioning software; the program uses wizards to guide you step by step through the entire project planning and parameterization process
  • Special features:
    • One Cable Solution (OCS)
    • Automatic motor parameterization via the electronic motor nameplate
    • Energy supply via a flexible Quick DC-Link connection for multi-axis applications
    • Single-ended nominal power consumption on double-axis controllers for the operation of motors with different power
    • Cycle times from 250 µs on up
  • Marks and test symbols: CE, UL, cUL (CSA-UL)



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