GMN Bearing USA

HVH Industrial Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of GMN Bearing USA

Established in 1994 in Houston, Texas, GMN Bearing USA has been manufacturing German-made industrial precision components such as high-precision bearings (Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Radial Ball Bearings), Clutches (Complete Sprag Clutch Units, Backstopping Clutch with Mounting Tab, Ball Bearing Sprag Clutch Units, Roller Ramp Clutches, 400 Series Sprag Clutch Elements, FE 8000 Series Sprag Clutch Insert Elements), and non-contact labyrinth seals (CF Seals, L Seals, M Seals, S Seals).

At HVH, we work closely with the GMN Bearing engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

GMN Bearing Literature:

High Precision Ball Bearings

Sprag Type Freewheel Clutches

Non-Contact Seals


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