GMN FE 8000 Series Sprag Clutch Insert Elements

GMN FE 8000 Series - Sprag Clutch Insert Elements

GMN's FE 8000 sprag clutch insert elements with remarkably high torque capacity stand out as distinct from any other clutch in today's market. Here's what distinguishes them:

Unparalleled Sprag Design:

  • Sprags are engineered to engage at any speed without being restricted by an RPM limit.

  • The sprags feature a consistent clamping angle, ensuring highly dependable engagement.

Superior Torque Capacity:

  • The FE 8000 offers nearly twice the torque capacity compared to the foremost competitor.

Singular Cage Design:

  • These clutches incorporate more sprags per clutch than any other clutch available in the market.


GMN Sprag Clutch Catalog


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