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HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor for Simatec. Simatec is a Swiss family-owned company that operates internationally.

Since 1983, engineers at simatec have been developing and creating innovative products such as single point automatic greasers, fitting tools for bearings and seals, bearing pullers, seal puller, bearing induction heaters and more. 

Our product experts, at HVH Industrial Solutions, can help you to calculate and choose the right size lubricator for your application. 

We can also help you to find the right induction heater for your project, as well as running calculations and finding out how long it will take the heater to heat the particular item. 

We stock the simalube automatic lubricator fill with most common greases. 

There is no minimum order quantity for lubricators. If you need to buy only 2 lubricators, we will sell you only 2 lubricators, not a box of 10. 

Simatec Literature: 

Simalube Master Catalog - Automatic Lubricators

Simalube Installation Instructions and User Manual

Simalube Quick Instructions

Simatherm (Induction Heaters) - Simatool (bearing tools)

simatherm IH025 Volcano Instructions


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