Induction Heaters

Induction Heaters

Induction heating is fast, efficient, precise, and repeatable non-contact method of heating electrically conductive materials like aluminum, copper, steel, and brass, semiconducting materials such as silicon, carbon, or graphite, as well as non-conductive materials, such as plastics or glass.

The induction heating power supply converts AC line power to a higher frequency alternating current, delivers it to a work coil, and creates an electromagnetic field within the coil.

We offer a wide range of induction heaters, including handheld heaters, electric bearing heaters, bearing induction heaters, and portable induction heaters.

HVH Industrial works with manufacturers' specialized engineering teams to meet our customers' requirements and highest quality standards. 

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What is Induction Heating

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process in which electrically conductive material is heated with the help of electromagnetic induction. The components of an induction heating system are an induction coil, an AC power supply, the circuits, and the workpiece. 

When a high-frequency alternating current passes through the coil, it generates an alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field is concentrated in the area enclosed by the coil; its strength depends on the alternating current and the number of turns in the coil. As the alternating magnetic field passes through the conductor workpiece, it generates localized electrical currents within the metal called Eddy currents (Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction). When the eddy currents flow inside the material, they'll face resistance towards flow, and this causes the material to heat (Joule heating).

HVH offers a wide range of induction heaters, including handheld heaters, electric bearing heaters, bearing induction heaters, and portable induction heaters.


Handheld Induction Heaters

Betex Handheld Precision Heaters are professional induction hand tools for bearing housing, bolts, nuts, transmission parts, etc. These are the only induction hand tools with a power of no less than 2300 W. The main advantage of the handheld induction heater is its size, as it can be held up in one hand, and it’s instrumental in difficult-to-access locations.



Electric Bearing Heaters 

We offer two types of electric bearing heaters: the Betex Cone Heaters and the Simatherm - Hot Plate.

The Betex Cone Heater is an affordable alternative to traditional electric heaters. The Cone heater is suitable for heating gears, cogwheels, bushes, couplings, bearings, and other round metal workpieces. The aluminum body is lightweight and ensures fast heating. 


The Simatherm Hot Plate consists of two electric heating plates with thermostat-controlled heating, specially designed for small bearings and machine parts. The controller can continuously adjust the temperature between 50 °C and 200 °C.



Bearing Induction Heaters 

Bearing Induction Heaters are versatile thermal products used to heat bearings safely at small and large workpieces. We offer bearing induction heaters from Simatec and Bega that can heat small bearings that are one pound and less, to bearings that weigh more than 3000 pounds.


Portable Induction Heaters

The portable induction heaters are lightweight and easy to use, suitable for bearings, gear wheels, and couplings with a maximum outside diameter of 180mm. It is the perfect solution for use in workshops or on-site. Since no yokes are needed, even odd-shaped parts can be heated. Simply place the object on the surface, select the temperature and press start.



Induction Heating Generators

Induction Heating Generators provide a smart, eco-friendly way of heating and safe, energy-efficient operation. The heater's applications include mounting and dismounting of bearings, bearing houses, sleeves, power transmission components, mounting of gears, couplings, and others. 




Induction heating is a superior, fast, and controlled heating method. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths, or blow torches. These methods generate smoke, fumes, or oil waste and are hazardous to your safety and a healthy working environment.