Eich Custom Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Custom Designed Cylindrical Roller Bearings by Eich

HVH Industrial Solutions offers Cylindrical Roller Bearings, which are well-suited for the harshest conditions. When other roller bearings reach their limits, our cylindrical roller bearings come to be used. Our roller bearings are not standardized because they are not manufactured in series. We find unique solutions where standard bearings fail. We offer dirt and heat-resistant cylindrical roller bearings that can withstand your demands.


Cylindrical Roller Bearing Types

Depending on the design, cylindrical roller bearings can support radial and axial forces to a certain extent. The cylindrical roller bearing types generally differ in the arrangement of the so-called lateral shoulders on the outer and inner rings. The following designs are available for single-row cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Basic design N, without shoulder on the outer ring, two shoulders on the inner ring

  • NJ can support axial loads in one direction, with two shoulders on the outer ring, one shoulder on the inner ring

  • NU is a non-locating bearing with two fixed shoulders on the outer ring and no shoulder on the inner ring

  • NUP as locating bearing, two shoulders on the outer ring, one shoulder on the inner ring, loose shoulder washer on the inner ring


Single-row cylindrical roller bearings with and without a cage (full complement cylindrical roller bearings) can be used as non-locating bearings, supporting bearings, and locating bearings.

In addition, cylindrical roller bearings are also available in multiple-row designs, for example, to withstand the increased loads in rolling mills.




This video shows all the manufacturing steps of an 1820mm
cylindrical roller bearing on Eich roller bearings for a converter tilting gear, including cage mounting



HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of Eich.

We work closely with the Eich engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support. 

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