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Rigid Shaft Couplings

Rigid Shaft Couplings connect two shafts aligned with each other. By joining the two shafts, these mechanical components enable the transfer of rotary motion from one rotating shaft to the other. The simple and durable design of rigid shaft couplings allows the components to transmit more power than comparable flexible shaft couplings but also prevents them from compensating for shaft misalignment. Thus, they can be used for applications where the shafts are coaxial and pre-positioned in precise alignment.

Types of Rigid Shaft Couplings

  • One-Piece Split Clamp Couplings - These have higher torque capacities than screw-type couplings. They feature smooth straight-through or stepped bores that protect the shaft from damage and are available in three styles: heavy duty, high strength, and low profile.

  •  Two-piece split clamp coupling - These couplings come in two pieces, allowing for easy assembly and adjustment. They can feature keyways that offer greater torque capacities and fixed shaft phasing.

  • Three-piece split clamp coupling - These couplings are used to maintain the positioning of one shaft while the other shaft is adjusted. Similar to one-piece couplings, they feature smooth bores that minimize the damage experienced by the shaft.

  • Precision sleeve coupling - These couplings provide a close tolerance fit on ground shafting. The axial runout is less than 0.001 TIR. This precision machining mate two shafts with zero backlashes and zero axial motion.


Applications of Rigid Shaft Couplings

  • Shaft Support and Extension - If a driven shaft is not bearing supported, the driving shaft needs to provide support. For these situations, rigid shaft couplings are used to extend an unsupported shaft and to connect shafts of different diameters.

  • High Torsional Stiffness Requirements - In applications involving coaxial and pre-positioned shafts where the maintenance of high torsional stiffness along the rotational axis is essential, a rigid shaft coupling gets the job done. These couplings have zero backlashes and zero axial motion.

The main applications where this type of coupling is widely used include food and beverage processing, medical, material handling, packaging equipment, and conveyor manufacturing.


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