Installation Instructions of Simalube Automatic Lubricators

Simalube Automatic Lubricator

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As a Simatec distributor, it is our duty to educate our customers how to use the Simatec products correctly. It seems pretty straight forward, but we have seen many mistakes made by users. It is always a good idea to read the user manual before installing any product.

It is very important to clean the lubrication points before mounting the lubricators. Make sure not to get any contaminants into the bearing. Contamination shortens the bearing life. This step is especially important when the lube points are in mines, queries, cement or asphalt plants. When the contamination is highly abrasive, it can shorten the bearing life significantly.

When mounting remotely, lubrication lines must be prefilled.



When your Simalube is filled with grease remove the plug. When your Simalube is filled with oil do not remove the plug. Cut off the nipple to open a passage for oil. The yellow plugs are non return valves, preventing oil from flowing out of lubricator under gravity. When you order empty Simalubes to fill with oil, don’t forget to order the non return valves also.

Write the installation date after initial installation and when you do an inspection. You should also mark the lever of the lubricant. If you are doing your regular inspection and you see the lubrication level is the same as a month or two ago, it means something is not right. 


Disposal of the Simalube lubricators.

We all should take good care of our mother nature. Please recycle ...



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Vladimir Harutyunyan

Vladimir Harutyunyan is the founder of HVH Industrial ...

Feel free to connect with Vlad on Linkedin:

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