Brunel Programmable Load Monitor PTM 3

Brunel Programmable Load Monitor PTM-3

PTM-3 Programmable Load Monitor is a fast, reliable, easily installed Power Module intended for any Electric motor. It limits the motor torque and protects the equipment from overloads, jams, excess torque, underloads, run-dry, and cavitation.

The PTM-3 monitor is the best solution for pumps (provides a blockage, run-dry cavitation protection), grinding mills (provides feeder control and blockage protection), conveyors & feeders (provides blockage protection), and mechanical drives (provides immediate recognition of overload or underload). 

Check the product specifications in the catalog below. The load monitor benefits are the following:

  • Limits torque to levels that you set

  • Protects machines, tools, & process

  • Reduces downtime & maintenance

  • Detects trouble & provides early warning

  • Optimizes machine adjustments & improves process quality

  • Increases equipment output

  • Signal beginning or end of the process


Product Features

  • Up to three alarm limits

  • Infra-red remote programming (optional)

  • Front Panel programming & Actual Load Display 

  • Analog or Digital output

  • Program and monitor the unit remotely from the PC

  • Accurate power transducer input for PLC/PC Controllers


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