Bibby Turboflex

HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of Bibby Turboflex

Founded in 1917, Bibby Turboflex has been recognized as a global leader in designing and manufacturing highly-engineered industrial couplings. Bibby develops reliable and safe power transmission solutions that eliminate downtime and optimize efficiency.

Bibby Turboflex product lines include grid, gear, pin & bush couplings, high-performance Torsiflex and Turboflex disc couplings, and a wide range of torque limiters and torque limiting modules.

Solutions of this company can be found in a variety of key markets, including power generation, metals, oil & gas, and food & beverage on applications such as pumps, conveyors, gearboxes, fans & blowers, compressors, printing presses, gas & steam turbines, generators, ball mills, extruders and marine/offshore platforms.

HVH Industrial is an authorized distributor for all Altra Motion companies and offers coupling solutions from Ameridrives, TB Woods, and Guardian Couplings
We work with these companies regularly and can provide specs, pricing, and availability quickly and accurately.

Bibby Turboflex Literature:

Torque Limiters - Overload Protection

Turboflex Plus Performance Disc Couplings

Series III Gear Couplings

2000 Series Taper Grid Resilient Couplings


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