HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of Unimec North America

UNIMEC is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing of screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and speed modulation gears. 

In an era of mass globalization, Unimec took a different path and decided to focus on a completely “made in Unimec” production. The design and engineering of Unimec products relies on a team of extremely qualified professionals mastering the latest and most advanced technologies; Solid Forming, FEA, TRIZ Analysis are well-known and vastly used methodologies within the tech department.

Any newly designed product contains at least 80% proprietary content manufactured in house, starting with fully certified, traceable and Italy-sourced raw materials.

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As a distributor, HVH works closely with the Unimec engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

If you have any questions write us via live chat (one of our team members will answer your questions), give us a call or send us a quote request. HVH team is always ready to help you.


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