3 Phase Toshiba Permanent Magnet Motors IEC

Toshiba Permanent Magnet Motors

Toshiba Permanent Magnet motors are low-voltage motors with ever-increasing regulations on energy efficiency for electric motors. These motors utilize rare-earth neodymium elements in the rotor construction. Using permanent magnets incorporated into the AC Motor design, the motor utilizes the same power output and high torque density with reduced size and weight. Typical applications of Toshiba permanent magnet motors include mixers, centrifuges, pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, etc.

Key Features

  • Enclosed Fan Cooled

  • Powerful Mechanical Strength & Corrosion Resistance of Rare Earth Magnet in Core

  • Class F-Random Wound

  • Rotatable 90˚ Increments F-3 (Top Mount) with 2 Ground Provisions (One Plastic Cable Gland & Plug)

  • Suitable for High-Speed Operation Up to 20% Above Rated Speed at Constant Power

  • Pairs with AS3 & S15 Adjustable Speed Drives

  • Slipless Design, Synchronous Speed, & Precise Application, and Rotation Control 

  • No I2R Losses in Rotor


Toshiba Industrial Catalog (Motors, Drives, Controls, & PLCs)


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