Becker Oil Less Roots Booster Vacuum Pumps RBP

Becker Oil-Less Roots Booster Vacuum Pumps RBP

The RBP series Oil-Less Roots Booster Vacuum Pumps are high vacuum, dry booster pumps that operate using the Roots operating principle. In combination with an oil-lubricated rotary vane pump, Roots booster pumps, or Roots blowers are often utilized in pumping stations to achieve high-volume flow rates and deep levels of vacuum. There is no need to change the oil and requires minimal maintenance.

Typical applications of these pumps include Evacuation (food processing and packaging, removal of oil or gas from a given space, thermoforming and manufacturing) and Primary Packaging and Food Processing. Each RBP series pump comes with the following standards:

  • Bypass valve

  • Discharge silencers

  • Vibration isolators

  • Vacuum regulating valve

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design

  • 100% dry operation

  • Air-cooled

  • Continuous duty rated

  • Single shaft direct drive

  • A wide range of motors available

  • Low maintenance

  • Quiet operation - no need for silencer enclosures

  • Cool operation

  • No cycling times

  • Small footprint for space savings

  • Simple construction for easy and fast service on-site to reduce downtime


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