Desmi Methanol Pumps

Desmi Methanol Pumps

The Methanol Pump, driven magnetically, is designed to achieve high energy efficiency, improve safety, and minimize maintenance. It is commonly used in industries and markets where the prevention of pumping medium leakage is crucial. This pump can handle Methanol, Ethanol, Hydrocarbons (fuels), and Amine/Water Mixtures. 

Design Features

One of the key design elements of the Methanol Pump is its utilization of magnetic coupling to prevent any leakage. This eliminates the need for costly auxiliary shaft seal flush systems and reduces the need for seal inspections or replacements, ultimately providing a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety and sustainability. Its compact design and small size also make it a convenient and versatile option for installation, especially in compact spaces.

Desmi Methanol Pumps Brochure

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