Leeson 3 Phase Extreme Duck Ultra Motors

Extreme Duck Ultra Motors

The 3-Phase Extreme Duck Ultra Motor is designed with the understanding that washdown duty motors must operate in challenging conditions. These motors are consistently exposed to high-pressure sprays and harsh chemicals, where even the smallest opening could result in motor damage or the accumulation of bacteria. For this reason, no risks were taken in its design, and a motor with even greater water resistance was created. The complete motor housing, inclusive of the end bells, is fully enclosed to provide unmatched sealing capabilities. All of these measures are intended to assist in minimizing downtime and cutting down on replacement expenses by ensuring that external elements stay outside.


  • Certified with an IP69-rated enclosure for protection.

  • Equipped with the Q-Car™ rotor cartridge.

  • Utilizes vacuum assistance for internal epoxy encapsulation.

  • Provides full-body epoxy encapsulation.

  • Incorporates advanced shaft seal technology, allowing for installation in any orientation.

  • Features a patent-pending 360° rotatable conduit box with smooth-weld construction.

  • Motor leads are color-coded and non-wicking.

  • Utilizes 300-series Stainless Steel for all exterior surfaces.

  • Equipped with an Inverter-rated IRIS insulation system for AC designs of 1HP and higher.

  • Operates at a 10:1 constant torque ratio.

  • Available with Shaft Grounding Rings (SGR) designs for motors ranging from ½ to 2HP.

  • Holds BISSC certification and is listed by UL, CSA, and CE.



Check LEESON's Extreme Duck Motor Catalog to choose the motor that best suits your application.


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