Leeson 3 Phase SST Duck Motors

Leeson SST Duck Motors

The 3-Phase SST Duck Wash Down Duty motors are engineered for exceptionally clean working conditions that require a motor free of paint. All external components are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring their resilience in harsh washdown duty environments typically encountered in industries such as food and beverage processing, as well as pharmaceutical or chemical processing.


  • The exterior is crafted entirely from stainless steel of the 300-series.

  • Internal coating resistant to moisture.

  • The motor frame bears a full-fact nameplate, precisely etched using laser technology.

  • Buna-N gaskets and Viton® shaft seals are installed at both ends.

  • Equipped with four condensate drains to accommodate various mounting orientations.

  • Complies with IP55 enclosure protection standards.

  • Meets NEMA Premium specifications for 140 Frames and larger models.

  • Features an inverter-rated IRIS insulation system for models of 1HP and higher.


Check LEESON's Washdown Motor Catalog to choose the motor that best suits your application.


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