Leeson P1100 Series Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

Leeson P1100 Series Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

The SUB-FHP P1100 series parallel shaft motors deliver an output torque ranging from 70 to 1105 In-Lbs, effectively addressing the requirements of various applications.

A robust gear housing, constructed from die-cast aluminum, offers unparalleled support for both the gears and bearings.

Product Specifications

  • Capacitor start designs are rated for 115/230 VAC at 60 HZ input.

  • All the gear components are meticulously designed and rated to meet AGMA class 9 standards, ensuring their capacity to withstand momentary shock overloads of up to 200%.

  • Oversized output bearings are integrated to enhance overhung load capacity and extend the motors' operational life.

  • The output shaft, made from a high-carbon alloy, provides the utmost strength and rigidity.

  • Gears and bearings receive effective splash lubrication from permanent, heavy-duty gear oil.

  • As a standard inclusion, a conduit box is provided for added convenience and functionality.


Check LEESON's Motor Catalog to choose the gear motor that best suits your application.


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