Nuttall Gear Parallel Shaft SU & SD High Speed Gear Drives

High-Speed Parallel Shaft Gear Drives SU/SD

Millions of hours of operation have proven the design integrity and reliability of Nuttall Gear's Type SU / SD on applications such as compressors, fans, pumps, and turbines. Starting in the 1960's Nuttall Gear began providing these units to Westinghouse for nuclear applications. Nuttall's high-quality, conservatively rated, and seismic-tested high-speed drives for Charging Pumps and Safety Injection Pumps are still operating today in Westinghouse-built PWR nuclear facilities. Our standard design features include rigid cast iron or welded steel housings, dynamically balanced precision double helical gearing for uniform load distribution and quiet running, oversized split sleeve bearings for smooth, efficient running, split labyrinth non-contact oil seals for long life, and self-contained forced oil lubricated gears and bearings.


Product Features

  • Speeds up to 25,000 RPM

  • Ratings up to 35000 HP (25743 KW)

  • Double Helical Gearing Standard

  • AGMA 6011

  • Auxiliary motor/pump backup system for lubrication


Check the Nuttall Gear General Catalog to select the best model for your application.


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